21 moon-phase tattoo ideas will inspire you


You can not look into the night sky and you can not admire the mystical moon. It inspires many people, from scientists to magic and mystery lovers. However, it is not surprising that the moon has inspired many tattoo designs. Moon tattoos have become very popular and today we want to show you the idea of ​​21 tattoos that contain the moon phases. Simple and stunning, there is a tattoo for anyone who is brave and lovely. So check it out to find your great and spectacular moon phase tattoo.

1. Beautiful moon-phase tattoo

First of all, we hammered this lovely moon phase design on my arm. The full moon is in the middle with the remaining phases on both sides. Simple and lovely tattoo that suits everyone. You can replicate it or tattoo a similar design elsewhere – the rib becomes a cool idea or runs down your spine.

Beautiful moon phase tattoo

Source: @arodinho

2. Stylish foot tattoo idea

The next tattoo is one of our favorites! Here we have a stylish small foot tattoo in the moon phase design. Elegant, elegant and can be displayed at any time or on top of each other. You can emulate this or have the design placed next to the foot. Either way, a lovely and stylish tattoo.

Stylish Foot Tattoo Idea

Source: Link @nito_

3rd Moon and Wolf Tattoo Design

Then we have a great moon phase tattoo with wolf motif. Wolves have been attached to the moon for hundreds of years, and this tattoo miraculously illustrates this connection. The tattoo is placed on the arm and has a wolf's head in the middle and two moon phases on each side. One side of the wolf has a unique geometric structure. You can rebuild this tattoo or go to a design with a more magical and mystical atmosphere.

Moon and Wolf Tattoo Design

Source: @lucasmilk

4. Mystic Green Moon Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique tattoo, then this idea is for you. On both sides there is a two-phase full moon and a moon phase tattoo. The moons are also colored in a mystic green tone. There's a C and a K in the design, but this tattoo will spell the cook because he's a cook. Of course you can copy the interesting Green Moon Tattoo without the letters or add two that mean something to you.

Mystic Green Moon Tattoo

Source: @tattooist_silo

5. Marked months

The next tattoo idea is just lovely. The tattoo has three months from the moon to the crescent, filled with a star constellation in the background. We love it because it represents the night sky. You can select any star constellation, a zodiac design makes tattooing very personal for you.

Marked months

Source: @arodinho

6. Unique moon phase tattoo with meditation skeleton

We love your next tattoo design! Here we have a very interesting and funny tattoo with a skeleton meditating with the moon phases in the background. It is great for those who love meditation, the night sky and those who love unique body art. You can recreate it or select a different moon design for the background.

7. Geometric moon phase design

Then we have a cool and stylish tattoo for you. In the middle of the design, this time there is a full moon with three phases on both sides. There is a geometric pattern around the moons. This is the coolest tattoo for every taste. It can be placed anywhere in the body. A tattoo like this looks great on the ribs, back or leg.

Geometric moon phase design

Source: Link @jbee

8. Beautiful rib tattoo with moon and lotus

Rib tattoos are very popular and we can see with such designs why! Here is an eye-catching rib tattoo featuring a water lily with moist moons in the middle and a botanical pattern underneath. It's a lovely tattoo. Not only that, it also has a message of positive beauty, power, empowerment, and more.

Nice rib tattoo with moons and lotus

Source: @zmfreespirit

9. Full Moon Leg Tattoo Crescent

If you are looking for a bold and lovely tattoo, then this idea is just right for you! This design begins as a crescent moon, then slowly fills and returns to a crescent moon at the end of the tattoo. We love it because it shows the entire lunar cycle. The placement of the tattoo means that the design also makes a statement. A stunning tattoo like this suits everyone.

Full Moon Leg Tattoo Crescent

Source: @ renan.sampaio

10. Moon phase design with mandala and jewelry

This next idea is one of our favorites. For this tattoo, a full moon was placed in the middle of the design for three months. The full moon is surrounded by a lovely patterned mandala. This tattoo is decorated with jewels. The design is stunning and unique. You can recreate it or select another mandala. In any case, it will look fabulous.



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