How I've earned $ 4,222.93 blogging in September | Blog Earnings Report


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Some income screenshots:

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon USA and UK = $ 1,096.76

Amazon Ca and Europe = 46.92 USD

hosting – 590 USD.

rewardstyl too = 270 USD

distributorship: 78.80 USD

Auas: $ 15.17

AliExpress – 11.04 US dollars

ShareASale = 8.86 USD

Shopstyl too – $ 8.15

Ezoic – 4.72 USD

Revenue from partnerships Millennial speech (my investment blog) – $ 164.50

Total partnership income: $ 2,294.92

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* RewardStyle commissions are incorrect and may commute prior to payment. Usually a refund will be made and they will not be considered. This does not affect the grand total but varies.

Display advertising

Mediavia too – 964.91 USD

(please refer Using display ads to make money)

Youtube – 139.46 USD

Total advertising revenue: $ 1,099.91

Own products

Millenial Presets Earlier Explosive traffic with trunks & #sponsored– 330.1 USD.

Shopify My Store – 189 USD.


Instagram Collab – $ 209 (cf. Over 100 sponsorships for bloggers for more tips!)

Blog Sponsorship – 100 US dollars.

Total: $ 309

Total revenue: USD 4,227.39

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WeWork Office: US $ 671 (£ 555)

convertkit: 40.33 USD

Tailwind: $ 40 (SmartLoop & Tribes I have unlimited options!)

hosting: $ 25

sendowl: $ 15

Canva: 9.95 USD (annual membership)

EWWW Image Optimizer Pro: $ 10

Total cost: 811.28 USD

Revenue after expenses: $ 3,416.11 (excluding labor costs: $ 4,087.11)

What happens in September?

In September, for the second month in a row, I earned more than $ 4,000. I expect this trend to continue until the end of the year, and I anticipate to obtain $ 5,000 a month before Christmas.

I was also surprised to see that my investment blog came out. So far there has not been much traffic on the blog (about 1,000 visitors and 2,000 page views per month), but the revenue per 1,000 visitors is much higher than at Chic Pursuit! Just this month, the blog has made an investment of $ 165 and thinks I have marketed it once a month and published blog posts.

Personally, I love to talk about fashion as much as I enjoy talking about fashion (maybe a small more!). So I'm curious to see where this small project takes me.

What I am concentrating on now

Although I talked a lot about traffic and display ad revenue in this revenue report, my focus in the fourth quarter was on creating more products and learning paid ads. And of course I always think about enlarging my e-mail subscribers!

In September, I started showing YouTube ads, and so far I have had a great success with it. For every dollar I've ever spent, I've made a profit of about $ 4. That's crazy!

I'd like to continue serving PT ads for at least 30 days before checking exactly how well they work. So far it has been less than that, so I can not say for sure if they are as effective as I thought. Currently my daily expenses are £ 5 ($ 6).

I also want to learn and implement Facebook ads. Personally, I'm not a fan of Facebook or its apps, but there are many online entrepreneurs who swear on Facebook ads that something should happen to them.

In fact, I tried to create an ad back in September, but I managed to remove some of it from my own page, and I am no longer an administrator or can not access my own page. What ??

This is really strange and it does not seem to be Facebook's zero employee who provides customer support. I mean, I'll probably never obtain that page back. Luckily, there were only 500 likes on my site, but imagine that this happens to someone who likes 100,000 +. So unprofessional in his name.

Anyway, one of the reasons I want to obtain NOW paid ads is that Black Friday stays around the corner. Sometimes there are astonishing opportunities with lucrative partner commissions. So last year, I had been expecting to try out paid ads to promote those affiliate offers when they started.

Maybe that's something you want to go to?

September page views

Page views: 96,449

Sessions: 69493

User: 61910

I cognize that pageviews are not the deciding factor for a blog's success, but when I see my pageviews increase, I can not help but be excited. In September 96,449 viewsie almost 100,000 SO per month!

The day I decided to take blogging seriously and obtain 100,000 page views a month seemed to me to be a good target, and I'm happy I finally did. * Nearly * it reaches the turning point. I am sure that I will reach this goal in October.

Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. If you want to increase your own blog traffic, you should first focus on Pinterest, not Google.

On Pinterest there are two sources that I would like to professionalize: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche of course Create and go and with my own eBook Explosive traffic with trunks,

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is great for bloggers who have no idea about Pinterest. If you have used Pinterest but have failed, this course will cover all the basics.

However, if you believe that you cognize all the basics of Pinterest and still do not see the results, I recommend my own book. Explosive traffic with trunks, This book is from the place where Pinterest Traffic Avalanche was located. It focuses almost exclusively on using Tailwind Tribes to boost traffic to Pinterest. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche does not contain Tailwind Tribes.

I wrote this book because I tried it. EVERYTHING It took me a long time to achieve an important result on Pinterest and my beliefs about the tail wind trunks began to increase. In 3 months, I made 50,000 page views per month and went to 90,000, and my income has increased similarly.

I We recommend Explosive traffic with trunks If 1) Are you planning to increase your traffic? 2) Did you try it? everything Pinterest and nothing did not work.

If you're looking for a free resource to boost your traffic, you can always sign up for my free Pinterest crash course below!

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