Here is my first look at my modern book Celebrate Rosé! I still let him in. TO WRITE A BOOK and take off in a month. Aaaah!




Okay, now I'm cool, cool and full.

I'm kidding, it's still on the moon! I have written a book before. The Art of the Barrow, but this time I got the role of the photographer and stylist in the book – the whole shebang! It was a fun and exciting job producing a book that I could name for myself. Write a book about one of my favorite things – rosé, cocktails and parties – what a dream!

Weldon OwenA local publisher in San Francisco approached me a year ago to work on a rose cocktail book they wanted to produce, and I got down to it right away. I liked the idea of ​​using rosé for cocktails (I already had some on the page here and here) with kind parties for spring and summer fun. Here is a blur from the book to give you an idea of ​​what to expect from this wine to rosé wine.

Celebrate rosé

Büyüleyici A mesmerizing collection of cocktails based on rosé for fun, sun-drenched situations – sticks for bachelors in bright shades, beach parties for soft drinks on the beach – this intriguing cocktail blue book also features stylish fun ideas, food accompaniment, bar techniques and this adorable pink Drink A wealth of insider knowledge for lovers.

This fascinating book reveals the many virtues of the rose and shows how to prepare seductive cocktails with this versatile, affordable and trendy, popular rosé wine. Choose from contemporary cultures such as Rosé-Aperol Spritz or Frosé and proven classics that are unique, distinctive and tailor-made. Each organized party has recipes and style ideas for the great holiday year-round, such as Mother's Day, pool parties and stag and hen parties. You will also discover tips for the table style, food recommendations and sophisticated bar techniques such as creating, seasoning and botanical liqueurs. "


I've just made my copy and can not make you feel like I'm writing a book that you're working on. (for months, months and months!) The first time in your hands! It turned out to be better than I could have imagined. (Partly to my fabulous editors and designers at Weldon Owen, who all came together seamlessly!) Next week, I'll give more information about the process and a look into the book, but here's the cover at first sight! What do you think It has pink gold touches on the cover and back ?! Swoon! I look forward to a look at the pages, but in the meantime, when it comes out on July 2nd, you can preorder to obtain a copy!


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