Best Orange Nail Art Ideas and Designs 23


It can be very difficult to pick the color you want to wear as there are so many astonishing nail colors. Maybe how about a classic red, stylish nude or orange? It can be used to create astonishing nail designs from orange, thick flames to lovely ombras. In addition, there is something for everyone, from bright orange to soft pastel shades. To see how great Orange can be, we have the top 23 nail designs for you. Orange nails are popular in summer, but we have cool designs that you can wear in fall and winter. If you did not like orange before, you will cognize it after seeing these stunning manicures!

1. Shiny dull orange rivets

We would like to commence showing you bright orange nails! The nails are long and coffin-shaped. Each is painted in lively and vibrant, matte orange. We love this orange color because it is fun and brave. Nails like these are great for the summer. You can recreate this view in matt or glossy color. The color will look good on any nail length and shape.

Smooth matte orange nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

2. Matte and shimmering nails

Then we have a unique nail design that is great for the fall season. For this look, each nail is painted in a different color, including yellow, warm orange and rust. There is also a sparkling accent on the nails. The colors used are breathtaking and look inspired by autumn foliage. If you like thick nails, recreate this design or use warm orange and rust without yellow to create a subtle mania.

3. Nice idea for butterfly nails

The next nail idea is one of our favorite ideas because it is so elegant and lovely. One nail is a bright and shiny tone, the other sparkles and two nails are provided with stunning butterfly wings. The butterfly nails have an orange ombre with an elegant wing design at the top. That's a kind idea. It's simple to follow online lessons to create butterfly wing art.

4. Ombre orange quotes

If you want your quotes to make a statement, then this idea is for you. Here we have long coffin buttons with nude and lively orange ombre. The nail shape and vibrant color make for a bold manicure. You can just keep it and recreate that look, or you can go out and sparkle or add diamonds. In both cases, your nails look great and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Orange and Nude Ombre Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

5. Neon Nail Design

Do you like unique Nail Art? If so, you have to check the next idea! These quotes are short and every nail is different. One nail is completely green and the others are orange and green with different black line patterns. The color palette used is very eye-catching and colorful and goes well with orange and green. Try a similar look or just try one of the designs. Such nail art can be made with orange, green and black lacquer and nail tape.

Neon Nail Design

Source: @nailsrnd

6. Ombre studs with rhinestones

Next we show you a stylish ombre nail design. Three of the visible nails have an ombre design and two accent pens with matte lacquer and pink diamond. As you can see, the ombre effect and the rhinestones really turn orange. Restore this design or you can have all orange and rock crystal nails. You can find Ombre Nail Art courses online.

Orange nails with rhinestones

Source: @dreasnails

7. Perfect studs

We love this next idea! This manicure has long sarong nails and some are painted in matt rust orange, others have a clear gold leaf design. Orange and golden leaves look great together and remind us fall, This is an elegant, bold nail idea that is simple to rebuild. You can paint the leaves by hand or use nail foils for easier application.

Perfect autumn coffin nails

Source: if @nailsbyn

8. Matte Neon Studs

Orange is a fun and bright color, but it can also look very charming. The next nail idea is a good example. Most nails have a light orange color and a clearly marked nail. Both nails are decorated on both sides with a gold pattern. As you can see, each of the soft orange and gold colors fits together beautifully, creating a stylish and elegant look. If you like fashionable nails, re-create them with glass nails or just try orange and gold.

9. Bright orange Ombre

Then we have another Ombre design. This time, the nails are naked and then turn into a light orange color with shine. What we really love about this manicure is that most nails are coffin-shaped, but there is a stiletto-shaped nail. It's just a very unique and astonishing idea. The orange and the subtle glisten together are great. Such a mania would affect your look and would be great for a special occasion.

Bright orange Ombre stud earrings

Source: @sheadbeauty

10. Matte Casket Nail Design

Your next propose idea is another cottage idea. Each nail has a different design – some with just one color, one with ombre and the last nail with stunning floral art. Flower nail hand painted with orange flowers. It is also decorated with golden studs. Overall, a lovely and bright manicure that is great for the summer and even the fall. You can recreate it or have all the flower nails. There are online tutorials that give you detailed instructions on how to paint flowers.

Matte coffin nail design

Source: @ riyathai87



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