23 ways to wrap brown hair with blond strands


You're a brunette and you're thinking about trying blond, but you have not found the great look? Do you already have a blonde in your hair, but would you like to try a modern color? Then you are right here. You do not have to spend hours looking at hair photos because we've done some work for you and found 23 great ways to wear brown hair with blond hair. Blonde accents commute your hair without the expense and care of the entire color, and the accents are now very stylish and fashionable. We have pale blonde colors, warm caramel tones and much more. Take a look at this and give your hair a lovely blonde make-up.

1. Beautiful blond highlights

First, we want to show you this lovely blonde hairstyle. The hair is dark brown and has light brown tones. Striking, bright, bright yellow colors were added on the brown. The yellow color used is lovely and really an explanation. Such a hair will be great for everyone.

Nice blond highlights

Source: @catherinelovescol is

2. Soft and lean blonde

If light and dark yellows are not for you, you can think twice Blonde highlights Like these. The hair is very dark brown and has fine yellows. This blonde is pretty dark, which creates a restrained look. Hair like this is simple to care for and if you do not like blond, it can grow easily. We recommend this look to ladies who are trying blonde for the first time.

Soft and thin blonde features

Source: @stylesbymaddy

3. Ombre highlights with brown hair

Then you have more expressions to do the hairstyle. For this look, the hair follicle is very dark, and then the hair turns light brown and then sandy yellow. It has a lovely highlighted look and will definitely remove your hair. You can recreate it or add less blondes. You can also record events radically.

4. Stylish abbreviation and colorful idea

Do your hair look dull and lifeless? If so, consider a trendy cut and a color like this. The hair is cut to bob length with bright yellow reflections. We like it because the cut is very stylish and the accents really affect the hair. Such a hairstyle will look great in the summer and you can rebuild it or try it with less blonde. If you want thicker or thinner hair, you can also use a different shade of yellow.

5. Frozen blonde highlights

Another stylish shade you can try is the icy blonde. Here's a great way to wear them. Here we have long, wavy brown hair with ice-yellow reflections. The blond tone really stands out against its dark brown color. Perfect for ladies who are looking for a bold and trendy idea and explanation.

6. Hot blondes for brown hair

Do you prefer warmer yellow colors? Then check the next look. It is a dark color with a warm caramel color on the hair root. An elegant and stylish hair idea and great for anyone looking for a more natural blonde. Such a hair will look fabulous for everyone. Since the blonde does not reach from the root to the edge, it easily grows if you commute your mind.

7. Shiny hair with golden blonde

Our next hair idea is gold and lovely. Very light blond, bright colors make for a radiant, sun kissing hair. Special features and an exceptional wave style give you the great look for the summer. Both color and style are great for those who want a trendy modern hairstyle.

Golden blonde with brown hair

Source: in @breakingbro

8. Glam Hair Idea

Tie up your hair when you see it! The hair root with stunning blond reflections is very dark. It's not just the color, but also the style that makes hair lovely. As you can see, long hair with loose curls looks very pretty. Such a hairstyle is great for women who want to try blond, and also for women who need a kind hairstyle.

Glam Blonde Hair Idea

Source: in @breakingbro

9. Caramel blonde highlights

Her next hairstyle is very stylish and elegant. For this look, the hair is dark brown with caramel blond. Yellow color in a very elegant and warm tone. We love the color combination of caramel and brown, it will suit everyone. Keep the blonde lean or add more blondes for a thicker hairstyle.

Caramel blond highlights

Source: in @breakingbro

10. Light blonde highlights

Then we have a shiny blonde hairstyle that we can show you. The hair is brown with light yellow and platinum yellow reflections. A lovely blonde combination that really lightens her hair. Highlights like these are great for those who want to breathe modern life into tired hair and give it a boost.



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