Knowing tricks before getting perm


Perfect styling ideas for your perm hair

When you've finally finished the fashion fairy, it's time to try some great design ideas!

Multilayer structured perm

Source: Photos from salsalhair on Instagram Instagram account

If you want to give your shoulder-length vest an elegant and vibrant look, we may have an idea. Most importantly, playing with textured curls and plies results in a great, warm look. See for yourself!

Medium Bob Spiral Perm

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Many women would give anything to look like a genuine runaway model. We cognize how to achieve this fashion show hair in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is go to the middle bob and be brave enough to upgrade with a spiral perm. As simple as that!

Swooped Bangs Perm

Source: Photos from salsalhair on Instagram Instagram account

Some ladies prefer to remain true to the foundations and classics when it comes to their looks. Nobel is always a trend, so we can not say we blame them. For example, this bursting screen is the top representative of the idea. Simple, elegant and stylish. In addition, a permanent wave gives your hair more volume, while such a cut gives your face an angle.

Wild Olaplex curtain

Source: Photos from salsalhair on Instagram Instagram account

Those who want to abandon out their ferocity have something to hide for you. The Olaplex Curtain was created to give its castles and textures a lot of dimensions, and joined in with the madness it created. If that's not enough, you can select a short shag bob to boost your mood.

More ideas for stylish perm hair

Multi textured perm Shaggy Bob

Source: Photos of leysahairandmakeup in Instagram Account

There are times when you are alert to do something dramatic with your hair. In times like these, we recommend that you obtain yourself a bob that makes love. Both cute and effortless looking. However, there is one small drawback – it can be difficult to style. Nevertheless, there is also a simple suggestion for it – all you have to do is spice it up with a very structured perm!

Sultry cold perm

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If you're still wondering if it's worth choosing a long perm, look at our example. This suffocating cold air curtain gives your husband a vest that offers a sweeping view of the crazy shower. A cold spiral curtain helps you make a show with minimal effort.

Medium perm

Source: Photos from salsalhair on Instagram Instagram account

Some of you may think it makes no sense to say goodbye if you still have to use a diffuser to dry your hair. However, if you are fascinated by defined and lively curls, you will consider this. Even if you are a happy owner of such a black and black vest, it is obvious not to let a diffuser try!

Pixie Perm

Source: Photos from esther.itterly on Instagram Instagram

Very often, it is believed that the risk of a perm for short hair is difficult and the risk is not worth it. However, it is a good option to match a fairy with a fairy segment. A look at this dramatic and flawless hairstyle will prove this.

How should you take your abandon?

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To summarize everything about the curtain, it should be noted that the hair must be maintained after proper care. Follow these steps to maintain your freshly ruffled waistcoat.

  • Do not wash your hair after 48 hours. Otherwise, you may lose some curls.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and perming hair conditioner for a healthy and moisturizing effect.
  • Once a week, a thorough grooming mask is a must.
  • To avoid pulling out the curls, brush your perm area with a comb with spaced teeth.



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