7 cheap ways to protect your pool


7 cheap ways to protect your pool

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your house, you will find here some clean, warm, refreshing and daily care tips. Many people want help from pool experts, but many do so at home. Some cleaning chemicals and equipment that keep your pool clean are also available daily as household items. these pool cleaner The pool shops were much cheaper and just as good. Their use will certainly help you to raise extra money from your pool maintenance costs if you have a very limited budget. Read on to find out how to remove splashing water from your pool:

Understand the chemistry of your pool:

You can test your pool pH once or twice a week, weekly or twice in summer and winter. The pH should be maintained at 7.2 and 7.8. The less chlorine the pool needs, the lower the pH on this scale. Adjust the pH accordingly and less chlorine is needed and used.

Weekly washing of the skimmer baskets:

At the edge of the pond, the bucket is built, which brings small particles such as leaves and other fallen objects into the water. The deck has a round access flap; Open the basket and pour it in as needed. Weekly cleaning of your skimmer and pump strainer baskets is a simple application that will help your pool in the long term.


All household items used to clean the pool can be used in conventional chlorine-based swimming pools.


Baking soda is used to treat yellow and black algae that have grown in the water of your swimming pool, especially if you have a pool above the surface, as it is smoother on the vinyl walls of your pool. The carrier soda is also made of sodium bicarbonate, also known as sodium bicarbonate, which in most cases can increase the alkalinity available in your local pond provide business. The baking powder specific to the pond can not be used for cooking and baking because it contains risky and high levels of chlorine.

Dishwashing liquid

Home-based support helps you find holes and holes in the drainage system and filter cover of your pool, which can normally contaminate and infiltrate your contaminated pool water and severely damage your pool's drainage system. You can not use it to wash your pool.


You can use a plastic broom to clean your pool. It removes dust and dirt from your garage and your home and can also be used to clean and remove dirt from your bathroom. It makes it simple to sweep the edges and bottom of your pool.


Coca-Cola is the favorite drink of all, but if it helps us to clean our favorite drink at home, it's our pool. You read that right! Coca-Cola helps you disinfect your pool, especially metal railings and equipment. Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, which really helps to remove and eliminate rust. It can also help keep metal fixtures lightweight. Just pour cola next to the metal fittings in your pool water and clean it.

Again, use a very stable and reliable test kit to test the composition of your pond water, and then use one of these household cleaners, especially those that can replace expensive pond chemicals. Therefore, you must ensure that the water quality is still at the right level to keep the water clean and secure for swimming.

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