SF & Bay Area Guide for Negroni Week 2019


It is the season in which all bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts are looking forward to the thirst. Negroni Week 2019! More than 12,000 exhibitors will be working at the bar from 24 to 30 June this year.

This Holy Week in the cocktail world celebrates its beauty, Negroni. In equal parts, Campari, Vermouth, and Gin are a classic cocktail that starts the one-week celebration for a good reason. Negroni Week of Campari (lovely bitter Negroni ingredient manufacturerTeamwork with beverage and liquid culture magazine absorb, The bars around Negronis and around the world Negroni riffs Restaurants and bakeries create and serve dishes made from Negroni components. The participating locals donate part of their purchases to these campaigns. Special charity, I drink for a reason, I drink it!

If you live in the Bay Area, you have almost unlimited opportunities to sign up and give something back! To help you obtain started with Negroni Week 2019, I have put together some local events and Negroni specialties. Cheers and painfully happy!

* Do not worry if you do not live in the Bay Area, Here is a link To help you find all the bars and places that participate in your area. This year you have to be near you with more than 7,000 people!

The Negroni Week causes a sensation in the beverage community. Not just negroni variations,


photo Leonard Martin Hughet

Real Laurel

  • 6.24 Nah-Groni The Pin project has begun
  • Sweet Berry Pine Nah-Groni Special weekday special drink
  • USEFUL SIGNS: Pin Project

Foreign cinema & Lazslos

Junior bar

  • 6.24 Tasting of Sinestezi Negroni 3-7: 00- 5 senses inspired drinks Buy tickets here
  • CHARITY'S BENEFIT: Bay Area charities for women

Rum and sweets

6/24 7-10: 00 100th Negroni Opening Party


Violet's Tavern


  • Negroni Special by Ashley Miller

Tartins In The Factory

Pabu Izakaya


Hello Stranger

Classic Negronis and Negroni do with reef Oakland Spirits Company


  • Spanish 2 Steps Negroni (Rye, Gin, Oloroso Sherry, Campari)
  • Negroni salmon
  • USEFUL SIGNS: No hungry kids

Here is how

Copper spoon and kitchen

Starline Social Club



Bar Shiru

Agave Uptown

Northern lights

Negroni specialties




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