How to master Pinterest SEO (and even ranked # 1 as a modern blogger!)


Wondering how to use Pinterest SEO to increase your traffic instantly? And even Pinterest is SEO?

If you are familiar with Pinterest Marketing, you cognize that Pinterest is a great source of traffic for blogs, online businesses and other websites. This is because Pinterest works like a seek engine.

Yes that's true! Pinterest is a seek engine, not a social media platform. Do not be bothered by all these follower tabs.

If you compare Pinterest with other social media platforms, you'll quickly find that a Pinterest post (also known as a pin) has a much longer lifetime than any other social post. The typical lifetime of a Tweet, Instagram or Facebook update is between a few hours and a few days.

Compare now with Pinterest: The average life of a pin is 6 months.

And the good news is that if you optimize your pens, the lifespan may be even longer. In other words, if you cognize what you are doing, you can still receive free monthly traffic from Pinterest via Autopilot.

This is exactly Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Now you cognize why you need to focus on Pinterest SEO.

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How to master SEO on Pinterest

For my visual learners, you can also access the information in this article from the following video. The keyword on Pinterest provides a better visual representation in research studies.

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Getting Started with Pinterest SEO: Keyword Research

Pinterest SEO starts with keyword research. If you do not even cognize what you want to rank for, you can not reach number one for something.

For top results, I recommend that you do a keyword research before you commence writing your blog post.

There's nothing worse than spending 3 hours writing a blog post just to seek that nobody is interested in reading.

Keyword research is important to avoid this situation.

Now there are three different ways to do keyword research on Pinterest: 1) Direct seek 2) Pinterest ads (for free!) Until 3) Insights into the target audience. (I'll talk about each of them in more detail below!)

Each of these options is a great way to find keywords for your blog posts, but one of them serves a slightly different purpose. If you have no idea what Pinterest followers are writing about and what it's about, we recommend using Audience Insights as a guide.

You can then apply Direct Search and Pinterest ads as soon as you cognize which headings to follow.

Keyword seek with direct seek

The easiest way to find keywords on Pinterest is by searching directly. So, if you have a general idea of ​​what you want to write, for example: For example, "Korean Skin Care," enter Pinterest and write to Korean Skin Care.

You will now see the colored boxes at the end of your seek. These are popular keywords and subtopics that are often searched along with your primary keyword. The most popular keywords are on the left. The common keywords for my Korean skin care keyword conclude "products," "routine," and "great skin."

You want to make sure that your primary keyword has at least 5 color patches. Otherwise, your keyword is not wide enough and you'll profit if you open it a small further.

When I looked at the topic ideas, I copied them into my notes and wrote all the information. Therefore, my main ideas for blog posts are for this keyword "Korean Skin Care Products" and "Korean Skin Care Routine".

If we look at the top results for this top keyword, the top blog post titles conclude "10 Step Korean Skin Care Best Guide," "10 Best Korean Skin Care Product," etc. We see that. I'm fine !

Keyword research on Pinterest ads

Keyword research on Pinterest Ads may seem a bit daunting, but it should not. If you use this tool for your research, do not spend money on ads, so you can relax.

Now click on yap Ads "->" Create Ad "-> Continue (on the first page) and you will be left on the second page below, you should see something like this:

This is the keyword research tool that helps us later find ideas for blog posts and optimize our pins.

The reason this tool is so great is that on average you can see how many keywords it writes on Pinterest every month. With this tool, you can easily measure the number of potential people you can reach with each keyword.

For my keyword "Korean skincare" we see:

From here, it's simple to see that the top topic for our blog entry is in the "Kore Best Korean Skin Care Products" line, because the combined keywords are the highest in seek traffic.

Keyword research with Audience Insights

As I mentioned earlier, feedback from the audience is a great way to find blog-related topics if you DO NOT have an IDEA your audience is interested in.

The way in which the audience's understanding works is to consider the patterns of behavior. only people who follow you. If you follow the suggestions on this topic, you have the opportunity to show more interest to the visitors to your website, as they of course take care of what you write.

To access Audience Analytics, go to Analytics -> Audience Insights in the upper left corner of your SmartCast.

Now click on "Affinity için" to organize your topics according to their popularity. You should see something like this:

Inity Affinity belir indicates how much your audience is interested in a particular topic compared to the other Pinterest users. Of course, yüzdesi percentage of viewers indicates how many people are interested in your audience.

The top topics to address have a high affinity to those who care about them. You can seek your data and see if something is interesting to you, especially if you want to write.

You can then seek for full keywords using either the direct seek or the Pinterest Ads method.

Optimize your pins for SEO

Now that you're discovering which keywords to target in your blog posts, it's time to write your blog post. For our example. Imagine I've just written over 10 of the top 10 Korean skincare products for great skin. "

After that, it's time to make a pin (Do you want to cognize how? Check this post: 10 Tips for Making Viral Pins for Pinterest) and use the great SEO-optimized keyword for your PIN.

So let's jump right in!

Finding keywords to conclude in the Pinterest description is exactly how you define the topics you want to write. The first place we commence is direct dialing.

We will again write "Korean Skin Care Products".

Now we copy all common keywords to our article in a Word document.

For Pim I copy the words "Perfect Skin", "Karşı Anti Aging", "Best", "Acne", "Whitening", "Kbeauty" and "Cheap".

Note: All of this should be used in conjunction with the original keyword, so that "flawless skin" is actually a kousur-free skin of Korean skin care products.

Now we return to Pinterest Ads and repeat the same process. To copy keywords faster, you can use the "+" key to add keywords to the notebook on the left. That's why I chose the following keywords for the seek terms "Korean Skin Care" and "Korean Skin Care Products":

From here we can easily copy these keywords into my Word document. I suggest you find at least 10 different keywords that you can integrate into your PIN!

This is the complete list of keywords I will work with to create a PIN description:

Now is the time to write your PIN definition. For top results, it's important to add 5-10 different keywords to your pin description, including hashtags.

Hashtags on Pinterest often act as SEO signals, meaning that you need to use hashtags for the most relevant keywords. We recommend using at least 3 hashtags, but you can do more.

Remember, hashtags have no restrict, but your PIN has a restrict of 500 characters!

Pinterest recommends entering an unnatural description with keywords. However, it is important to note that almost no one has read the explanations. They are primarily meant to rank by keyword. Meaningful sentences are therefore not the highest priority here.

For my keywords, I have found the description so far:

10 Korean Top 10 Skin Care Products for Perfect Skin: These are the top 10 Korean skin care products for anti-aging acne and skin whitening! If you're looking for cheap, effective Korean skin care products that integrate with your Korean skin care routine, commence with your favorite fans. Kbeauty skin care products have been highly valued by users who claim to be the top products for flawless skin and anti-aging products. #koreanskincare #koreanskincareproducts #koreanskincareroutine #flawlessskin #kbeauty #antiaging "

Here you can see that I have tried to use as many keywords as possible, that it is natural in my description and I avoid overloading the keywords I use.

Optimize your profile for SEO

Pinterest SEO does not stop by tweaking your pins with keywords! You should also consider your boards and your profile. In fact, they can have a significant impact on what you expect from your Pinterest marketing efforts.

First and foremost, you want to make sure your profile is optimized for the keywords you want to rate. For example. If I take my profile, you can see that all my keywords are related to women's fashion. I put the keywords in my name and description field.

I invite you to do the same and use POPULAR and generic keywords (you can use the Pinterest ad tool to find out which keywords to use!). Make it as specific as possible for your brand.

Optimize your dashboards for Pinterest SEO

Then we want to pay attention to Pinterest boards. Switching your dashboards right is as important as changing your pins. This is no joke.

If you combine pins with a good SEO description with dashboards with a good SEO description, you will see the results faster.

The key to the boards should be as clear as possible. Pinterest relied more on the number of followers, showing all the pins on a board to all accounts that followed that board. But now things have changed.

Pinterest made it clear that he wanted to be a seek engine rather than a social media platform, so the number of followers is no longer important.

This is great news for anyone who does not cognize Pinterest – if you focus on SEO, your pins can be viewed as an account with hundreds of thousands of followers!

So it's better to focus on getting your boards down as much as possible. For example, instead of having a wide and indefinite board named "Beauty and Makeup", Korean beauty products, "DIY Beauty", "Skin Care Dupes" and so on. What is the board about?

To find keywords there, you can use the direct seek method.

Suppose I want to create a board that focuses on Korean Beauty. When I type "Korean Beauty una" into the seek bar of Pinterest, I see:

All these keywords open in the seek are great for your dashboards. I recommend that you switch to the keyword that top describes your content and that is the most accurate.

As mentioned earlier, "Korean Skin Care Products" is the great keyword, and that's exactly what we will use for our board of directors.

Now all you have to do is add a description. I always follow the protocol I use for my pins. This means that I'll use about 10 popular keywords in my dashboard description and, if not more, add at least 3 hashtags. Dashboard description of "Korean Skin Care Products":

Then you are a good person!

Bonus tip: For top results Always attach the pins to the most suitable plate first. If you have more than one clipboard to send your PIN to, select the one closest to the contents of the PIN. This is another SEO signal that helps Pinterest fully seek the issues of their pins and increase their visibility.

For example, I will give my needle to my first needle in my Korean skin care article and then program it on my other beauty boards.

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See you there!

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