25 Delicate Flower Nail Designs Bring lovely flowers into your fingertips!


Anyway, flower nails always look like a trend – the elegance that they bring to your fingertips and celebrate the beauty of flowers in the most lively way, is in the foreground. And all the possibilities of designing different shapes and designs for flowers make the concept an ideal choice for beginners and experts. It is important to note that the color palette that you can apply to your nails when painting flowers has 25 delicate floral nail designs that you can use to add some lovely flowers to your fingertips.

Flower Nail designs

1. Bare floral manicure

Naked flower manicure

These nails are made of lovely shadows, an elegant manicure that you can show throughout the season. They simplify things not only with the colors chosen, but also with a single accent finger design for each hand. Apply a pastel pink shade to your thumb and first two fingers, and for the last tip, go to a slightly shimmering line of the same hue. Speaking of the pointed finger, turn the pink shape into a lovely flower with thick white 3D contours. And place a sparkling rhinestone in the middle of the flower to obtain that sparkling element in a simple design. If you want to keep it monochrome, you can also cover the bottom of the highlighted pink finger. However, this inspiration uses a soft gray to give the flower a contrast.

Construction details: needles

2. Turquoise flower nails on white

Turquoise flower nails white

Aliveness is a word for this stunning petal design, suitable for the spring season and set on a turquoise background. The use of gel polish instead of conventional nail polish makes the manicure very light while these super white flowers create a great color contrast. And what makes the blue tips even more luminous is a glossy top coat, which is applied to the base after applying the flower pattern. Wearing some small silver diamonds on the flowers only enhances the overall feel of your fingertips. Combine the mania with a stylish outfit and a glamorous hairstyle and you're alert for an unforgettable dinner or a party with friends. Finish the pattern on all nails or simply adjust the idea of ​​the accent nails – this always hits the right notes.

Construction details: bestartnails

3. Dark background Flower Mani

These eye-catching, dark shades can also be included in your manicure. nail design Very noble and yet super simple to create. The deep burgundy plus purple color on the bed really makes the design stand out, but the white, embossed flowers on the eye-catching bottom make the look even more attractive. And for decorations, you can always attach a few sparkling silver rhinestones to the bottom of one of the nails. All you need for the design is a dark, mauve enamel nail with a matte terminate, a primer, a kind transparent topcoat, some rhinestones, a nail brush and a white nail polish color. With Elena Lizunova, you'll look great thanks to this lovely Instagram release. Bir A picture is worth a thousand words. Construction details: My instagram

4. Variety of games

How can a single mania combine such diversity? Each of the fingertips is decorated in a different pattern with a magnificent floral lace as an attraction for the overall design. One has gray and dark gray lines, the other is in pastel shades. The head is covered in a dark matte gray, while one of the sparks ends is decorated with a pink glitter nail enamel. For floral accents, go to a dark gray background with roses in two shades of pink, combined with gray and light green leaves that give the flowers a great terminate. Apply a matte topcoat to keep the design intact and here it is! You have rightly defended this incredible idea of ​​the evil Girl Nails.

Construction details: My instagram

5. Nail art with 5 petals

Nail art with 5 petals

The traditional 5-petal flower, reminiscent of the drawings of your childhood, is the protagonist of this simple nail design, which corresponds to the spring style. Using a punctuation tool to pick flowers ensures that the design does not take more than a few minutes to pull. What makes the flowers lovely is the skilful use of the negative space for the background and finally the flowers with a kind matte topcoat. While the light blue nail polish works on the remaining tips, add silver diamonds to the middle of the flowers, while the light blue nail polish will make everything look very lovely and fresh. Accent nails are very kind, but if you are always alert to do some rough manicure, you can design all the tricks.

Construction details: bestartnails

6. Peach Flower Nail Design

Peach Blossom Design

When it comes to peach flower nail designs, it is very well suited as a beloved, springy pastel tint. And that inspiration is another fabulous example of the truth given. The flower tips are perfectly matched to the massively coated tips and the flat tips receive the most needed doses of glamor with a few diamonds. To cover the fingertips in which you want to paint the flowers, go to a neutral shade and then use a fine nail art brush that combines the design with the green of pink and white. These simple white lines show lovely flowers with no effort for artistic excellence. Apply a transparent topcoat to keep the design and rhinestones in place. If you all swing around for a manicure, you can wear just about any costume.

Construction details: needles

7. Pink and White Flower Nail Training

Pink and White Flower Nail Training

With the combination of pink and white you can not go wrong if you want to scream loud romanticism with your fingertips. Even if you are a novice or a true expert, making this design on your fingernails is a breeze. The charming floral pattern in white is on a lean, pink nail polish. All you have to do is use a thick-edged punctuation tool to paint small, round leaves to paint the flowers. For an added touch of splendor, apply a clear topcoat, fill the flowers with a gold stud, and prepare your fingers to steal all hearts. Watch this incredible tutorial shared by Lulus to create your own versions of pink and white floral nails, followed by the pictorial steps in this short guide, which will take a few minutes.

Construction details: lulus

8.Daisy delight inspired by spring nail art

Daisy Delight Inspirational Spring Nail art

In any case, bright flowers are always a successful component for bringing together lovely spring mani, as well as Daisy Delight inspired nails, light, feminine and very comfortable. The white background helps to recognize the colors of each flower. If you double-coat the tips with white nail polish, you can use a small and large punctuation tool to paint the flowers. Join the larger pink 5-petal flower with smaller green and peach blossoms, then middle them with gold varnish and cover them all with a transparent topcoat. If you want to make it a bit thicker, replace light colors with pastel colors. Continue with the tutorial step by step to find the nails released by Sonailicious.

Construction details: sonailicious

9. Cath Kidston Nails

Cath Kidston nails

This super-elegant nail art, which is a spectacular twist on ornamental flower flowers, adds tiny dots around the head flowers that sit on all fingertips, making them a fuller and more attractive piece of creativity. First, you paint your nails from top to bottom blue and then prepare with a punctuation tool sweet cloud shapes of white nail polish. Now take your fine brush and conjure up a light pink flower like the shapes in the clouds. Paint the small details of the dark pink rose. Beautiful greens work wonders like the leaves of flowers, while dotted colors are made from acrylic paint. A detailed image tutorial on Cath Kidston's nails can be found below.

Construction details: onenailtorulethemall

10. Flower Nail Art Training in Vietnam Province

Vietnam inspired flower art training

It seems unusual to combine a design with a delicate design like a flower with an angular pattern like geometric lines, but this Vietnamese-inspired flower nail art has done the coolest thing yet. Although this design seems a bit complicated, it is simple to assemble and does not require any special drawing skills. All you need is a white and light pink nail polish, a base coat, a top coat, a strip of tape, a medium nail art brush and a punctuation tool to obtain you started. If it stays white for all tricks, commute the foreground. where the lovely pink flowers on both ends are replaced by fine pink stripes in the rest. See details shared by Sonailicious.

Construction details: sonailicious



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