5 simple steps to transfer free blog to self-hosted WordPress


If you want to try other hosting options, we recommend that you read the article on my page. Bluehost VS Website – Which is the Best Hosting Platform? To see if the website is a better option for you.

1. Register to host Bluehost (including free domain name and email address – worth $ 15)

To create your own blog today: Go to Bluehost to register your domain. Make sure you use my special discount link for readers only – this will save you up to 60% on your purchase!

You can commence your blog with $ 2.95 and obtain a free domain (worth $ 15)!

Click on the "Start now" button and obtain started!

Now select a hosting plan that meets your needs. Usually I recommend the baseline when you are just starting.

Start a fashion blog and earn money as a fashion blogger / Bluehost discount

Starting with a easy plan for 99.9% of the cases will work perfectly well. But if you're really serious about blogging and want more resources and power, look at the Prime or Pro plans.

Keep in mind that you can upgrade at any later time if you are going to make more room!

Register your domain

Bluehost gives you a great domain name. (This usually costs $ 15!)

To check if your domain name is available, enter the desired domain name in the left bar. If that's great, you're one step closer to building your site!

If you bought a domain from a third party, you can set it up using the bar on the right side of Bluehost. Super simple!

In the next few steps, you'll fill in your account and provide your payment information.

If you select 36 months, using my connection will save you 63% of the total.

Choosing the options of 60 months or 36 months will help you obtain the most out of your money, but even if you opt for the 24 months or 12 months option, you will still obtain incredible savings!

In fact, I recommend that you stick to the 24-month option because you first want to see if you want to try blogging. In addition, your blog can grow exponentially in the next 2 years. After that, you may want to switch to a larger hosting plan.

In this step you can also select the desired package extras. I LARGE We recommend that you protect the privacy of your domain,

This protects your website from hackers and keeps your personal address secret. You can skip other extras (if you want to add them later, you can do this anytime.)

Then check your package information. Bluehost invites you all year round – you will obtain such a good deal!

And … you're done – congratulations !! You are now officially YOUR blog! Bluehost will now send you an e-mail confirming your account and FTP information.

2. Install WordPress

After reviewing your modern domain, it's time to transfer your ancient blog content to your modern domain. Beforehand, we need to link your Bluehost account to WordPress.

It's simple with Bluehost's one-click setup for WordPress! Just create a modern password, check the boxes to accept the terms and log in!

Now it's time to select a free topic. You do not want to spend a lot of time with it, just commence. After this step, you can commute and update your topic at any time.

Bluehost now connects you automatically with WordPress. Once that's done, it's time to transfer your content to your modern blog.

3. Export your files from your free blog site (WordPress.com or Blogger).

First, you need to export your ancient files from your free blog. I'll show you how it works in both Blogger and WordPress.

Export files from WordPress

Log in to your WordPress.com forum and "instruments"->"export". You will find it in the menu on the left side.

Click on crane on the export screenexport" Free option to create an XML file.

Then select "All content,"Click"Download XML file,"and Save the file to your computer.

Export files from Blogger

About Your Blogger Dashboard "settings"->"other, "Then"Securing content,"and Save the file to your computer.

4. Transfer files to your self-hosted WordPress blog.

After you have exported your files, log in to your NEW WordPress dashboard that you created with Bluehost. You can do this through your Bluehost account. I Bluehost.co or by adding / wp-admin (eg //yourblog.com/wp-admin) to the URL of your blog and then entering your password.

In your modern dashboard, click Tools -> Import.

The next steps depend on whether the blog you want to post is on WordPress.com or Blogger.

After you've invoked the Import section of your WordPress dashboard, Choose WordPress or Blogger given options "Install now".

This will install the required plug-in that will allow you to move your ancient files. When the download is complete, the text will appear Çalıştır Importer Run " , Click on it and upload your ancient blog files that you previously exported.

The import takes a few minutes, depending on the file size.

Congratulations, you have now transferred all your blog content to a self-hosted WordPress site!

But wait! Before you commence your modern blog, you need to take a few more steps.

5. Design your modern WordPress blog

Even if you've imported your ancient blog content, your modern blog may look like it's never been before – the formats may be inaccurate, and the blog seems a bit "off", especially if you've imported your blog into WordPress.

It is quite normal and simple to repair. The kind thing about a self-hosted website is that you have VERY options to make your website look exactly what you want it to. There are another 50,000 add-ons and widgets that will make your blog even more lovely with hundreds of different topics and things you can use to make your blog as unique as you.

WordPress offers many free themes that you can obtain used to. Free themes are a great way to commence if you're a novice blogger or have a tight budget, but some of the features that feature paid themes are missing.

If you do not have the money to invest in a topic, I seek it perfectly. Use a free theme for a few months and obtain used to the platform.

If you need to invest an additional $ 50 to $ 100, consider buying a premium theme. Premium themes give you more personalization and seamlessly make your blog look exactly the way you want it.

Here are my top topic suggestions for modern bloggers!

Best recommendation – Divi

Divi designs my website, Les Anagnou and design by Krista.

I use Divi on my own blog. A great design for modern bloggers and advanced bloggers. What I love Divi the biggest It has a drag and drop builder. Facilitates the creation of dynamic pages for sure As if you want them to look like them.

It's also great for advanced bloggers because you can create great sales pages and other landing pages without paying anything extra (for other topics, you'll need to purchase a landing page template for at least $ 79).

Other options: More feminine WordPress themes

There are many WordPress themes to select from! You can even commence your blog with a free Bluehost theme.

However, I strongly recommend that you look for a paid premium theme that will make you feel at home. That's how you differentiate yourself from other bloggers. Finding the right topic can be expensive, but is a one-time fee.

Here are some of my favorite topics. 17th Avenue:

More female WordPress themes can be found here

last changes

Depending on how large your ancient blog is, you should keep a few points in mind so that your modern blog works smoothly.

  • Set your ancient WordPress.com blog as private OR redirect to your modern website to avoid confusion. From your WordPress.com board "settings"->"ReadAnd put your ancient blog in private.
  • There are two ways to direct traffic to your modern blog:
    • If you submit a blog from Blogger that's free, Blogger 301 redirect Add your modern blog.
    • If you use WordPress.com, you can commute the homepage of your ancient blog or write a blog entry that describes your move and contains the modern domain name of your modern blog. Alternatively, a Site Redirection It costs $ 13 / year.
  • If you are with Blogger, you will need Update your permanent connections (URLs of your blog). Go to:
    • "settings"->"permanent, "
    • select Moon and name Permalink options.
  • If your blog contains internal links to other blog articles from your ancient blog, make sure you update the links to reflect your modern URL and domain name. You do not want publications to contain links to your ancient website! You can do this in the editor for each blog post.
  • If you have subscribers in your previous WordPress.com blog, you can use them with the JetPack plug-in and with veSubscribers transport tool"You can do it download By entering "Plugins daki" in your WordPress dashboard.

And that's it already! You are officially good at starting your self-hosted blog!

When you're alert to take the next steps in blogging, make sure you obtain the free Blogger's Toolkit, which includes lots of useful information for your next steps!

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* Last thoughts *

Welcome to the world of self-hosted blogs! Now you have officially completed the steps that many must take, but they will not end. But you have done it, and I welcome it! ?

Having a self-hosted blog is astonishing and can commute your life as mine has changed.

But I have to tell you that good things take time. If your free blog is not very busy, you should not expect your blog to explode within a week of launching. It's normal for a blog to generate significant traffic and revenue only after 3 to 6 months. Therefore, it is not recommended if your traffic looks a bit slow.

If I can, you can too!

After you've created a blog, you can learn how to control your blog and earn money.

My top advice is to commence with Pinterest.

To obtain started with Pinterest, read how I managed to obtain there. 5 million page views on Pinterest and sign up for Ultimate Blogger's Toolkit below – this will give you all the resources to expand your blog for free!

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Last but not least, if you want a complete summary of how you can make money from blogging, I can only recommend watching my video above How To Make Money Blogging.

Here I personally explicate how I make money and give you other ideas as well, which works for other bloggers.

Feel free to read through my well monthly income reports See what works for me to obtain an idea of ​​how to make the most money from your modern blog and stay in the background.

Good luck! ?

Note; I'd like to review your blog and read your recent blog posts, so comment out your modern blog address below and be sure to check it!

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