Top 5 healthy fish recipes to try


Fish is a very healthy food that you should conclude in your daily diet because it is high in protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. It also has surprisingly positive effects on the skin as it helps with the care and moisturizing of the skin.

When will we talk? healthy fish recipesThe general concept is that they will not be tasty. However, this is not true and you can also prepare delicious fish dishes that are incredibly healthy by simply changing your cooking technique!

Let's take a look at the 5 top recipes for healthy fish that you should definitely try this season!

1. Cooked salmon with lemon mint Tzatziki

Cooked salmon with lemon mint Tzatziki

When talking about healthy seafood, you can select from a variety of options. It is the top time of the year to enjoy some salmon dishes. Poaching is a great way to cook fish without destroying vital nutrients.

This tzatziki recipe with cooked salmon and lemon mint is incredibly refreshing and citrusy. It only contains a 10-minute preparation process and you can find a healthy version of the salmon recipe with a small amount of content. Mint Tzatziki is an ideal companion to your meal and will cool you down on those hot summer days!

Ingredients: Water, dry white wine, lemon, smooth parsley, skinned salmon fillet, spring onions, chopped garlic, yogurt, chopped mint leaves, salt and pepper, cucumber, lemon peel

Method: Cooked salmon with lemon mint Tzatziki

2. Soba pasta salad with dried tuna

Soba pasta salad with dried tuna

Tuna has some health benefits. It helps to reduce the chronic ailments many people are facing today. It facilitates weight loss and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure.

Therefore, this delicious tuna mixes with an intense texture with the taste of an idyllic smooth noodle. You can add some crispy sesame seeds to enhance the taste. Preparing this dish is also very simple. Cook the noodles on the side.

Thoroughly mix with all ingredients and set aside. Then sprinkle some salt and pepper on both sides of the tuna and cook in a pan for 3 minutes. Remove from the pan and cut into small pieces. Serve the noodles in a bowl with a piece of tuna and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Ingredients: Tuna, salt, pepper, cucumber, carrot, radish, pepper, spring onion, rice vinegar, low sodium soy sauce, peanut oil, dark sesame oil, crushed red pepper, roasted sesame

Method: Soba pasta salad with dried tuna

3. Lean fish curry

Lean fish curry

Fish curry is the favorite of all fish lovers. Very simple and delicious. You can easily do it in the oven for a healthy roasting process. Cooking a fish always results in an interesting taste for the food, and this recipe is no different.

The result is good finger licking! You can add fresh herbs and slices of lemon for a tangy taste and red peppers if you want. Tamarind juice gives the food a kind, sour taste, which is worth the mealtime!

Ingredients: Tamarind juice, coconut, onions, tomatoes, peppers and fish

Method: Lean fish curry

4. Kashmiri fish

Cashmere fish

Cashmere Fish Recipe is one of the healthiest and tastiest recipes for fish lovers. Made with Pomfret, it has a pleasant aroma and is full of nutrients. It is wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids and makes protein a healthy recipe.

To obtain an extraordinary taste, you can eat with brown rice or simple soft chapatis. First fry the fish and set aside. Then add a pan and add turmeric, Asafetida cumin.

Reduce the heat and then add the whipped cottage cheese over it. If it is reddish brown, add coriander powder, water and fish. Leave for 10 minutes to obtain a delicious pomfret.

Ingredients: Butterfish, whipped cottage cheese, grated ginger, garam masala, coriander, salt, turmeric, cumin, asafetida, coriander powder, water

Method: Cashmere fish

5. Wild rice peeled halibut

Wild rice hulled halibut

The most interesting thing about this recipe is that we use wild rice instead of bread crumbs, which has been pulverized and puffed to create a crunchy and extra walnut environment. The shell is essentially what makes this seafood dish delicious.

The meaty white halibut is cooked to perfection in this wild rice bowl, which looks very attractive and appetizing. In addition, it is cooked in an oil-resistant, non-stick pan over medium to high heat for even cooking. Another healthy option is to cook a small olive oil for a wealthy taste profile.

Ingredients: Wild rice, multipurpose flour, olive oil or vegetable oil, skinless cod or halibut fillet, two large eggs, freshly ground pepper, slices of lemon

Method: Wild rice hulled halibut

Which healthy fish recipes do you serve today at your table?



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