August Pinterest Trends: What to do for traffic and profit?


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If you have seen my blog for a while, you cognize how much I love Pinterest and how well it changes my life.

You probably cognize that Pinterest is very seek-based. While some themes are popular year-round, others are seasonally dependent. Christmas, seasonal Thanksgiving and much more.

In addition, Pinterest recommends users begin correcting seasonal content 45 days before the original time. Sometimes you can very It's confusing to cognize which content needs to be repaired on a monthly basis for optimal performance.

So I decided to commence a modern series here. Pinterest trends.

From now on, I'll tell you every month what's popular on Pinterest, what you need to pin and, more importantly, how to plan your blog content for what's going to be popular on Pinterest in the coming months.

Touching Pinterest Trends is definitely a way to increase your blog's traffic and revenue so you do not want to miss these trend reports!

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Let's commence with August without further ado.

Pin in August

Back to school content

The commence of the academic year is upon us, as I believe Trend was the great time to commence trending in August. Back to school this month is great and retailers are launching modern notebooks, bags and everything is connected.


Speaking of autumn, fall fashion is enormous. Think of it as knee boots, chunky sweaters, wool hats сapka clothes like these will be very popular until spring. If you're a fashion blogger, you'll definitely want to make some deals with your favorite outfits from the top retailers (like Amazon).

Productivity / Organization

Content efficiency is great in August / September. After a long, relaxing summer, people commence to turn into a routine again. Secure the content around everything that can help people in the execution of this routine. These can be productivity notes, self-care articles, or organization articles.

Ideas for content planning

Use these ideas to plan your blog content for the next few months.

According to Pinterest, the top time to determine seasonal problems is 45 days before the content is referred to as "actual time." For example, you should commence correcting Thanksgiving content in early October – much sooner than you think necessary.

So it's a good idea to sit back and think about what you want to do on your blog over the next few months and when to post those messages for the top traffic and revenue.

So let's take a look at the main trends that are coming up and down in Pinterest over the next few months.


The holiday season is approaching very fast and you will want to think of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and even Christmas.

There's still plenty of time to go until the holidays, but it's a good idea to commence planning your holiday content. Life tends to avoid a few things, especially on large holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That's why I suggest dedicating content planning to these great holidays over the next few months as, in many cases, most of the customers and most advertisers pay the bloggers for display ads.

If you're making money from your blog display advertising, you'll want to create a few publications that focus solely on Thanksgiving recipes and Christmas recipes. Believe me, these are very popular on Pinterest, and if you do it right, you can earn a few hundred extra dollars per contribution by simply completing the recipes.

If your blog earns money primarily with affiliate marketing, now is the time to make a plan for Black Friday. You can also commence preparing gift guides for the holidays – they are very popular at Christmas.

Apart from preparing for your vacation, you should consider writing as much content as possible.

If you're a fashion blogger, you can share your favorite fall styles and write about the top autumn boots.

If you're a lifestyle / beauty blogger, you should write a blog post about the top fall conditions, the top books you can relax on, or the latest fall beauty trends (Halloween is also great on Pinterest).

If you're a chef blogger, think about pumpkin spices, coconut, apple, cinnamon recipes, and more.

As an extra tip, Note that Pinterest recommends mounting on specific boards. The more affected, the better. If you do not have dropboards available, create one.

For example, if you're a fashion blogger and want to fix fall outfits, create a board called bahar Autumn Clothes değil rather than "Women's Fashion Genel."

Monthly Tip: Update your ancient content

If you have content that's older than this time last year, you'll need to republish those posts. Pay close attention to last year's posts, refine them for Pinterest, and add more relevant affiliate links to your post.

If you have a last season's gift guide, check that all materials are still in stock. Update the links to these items and republish. This will help readers find what they're looking for faster, and tell Google that their feed is up-to-date.

Sometimes, updating ancient content is a more effective method of blogging than writing the next blog post together.

Think about it – if you update posts that have been successful in the past, you will surely obtain the time spent. But when you write a modern blog post, you never cognize how popular it will be.

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