35 Beautiful winter nail design with 35 seasons within your reach


The winters knock at the door and put on these casual clothes, and they deserve a great manicure for the winter. From bright white snowflakes, spiky icicles, cute deer to luxurious-looking flowers, or a whole winter wonderland that turns into a glorious mania, these lovely winter nail designs will bring the season to life.

35 Beautiful winter nail design with 35 seasons within your reach

1. Add ice hair to your winter nails for a lovely accent

Add thaw to your winter nails for a beautiful accent

No matter how simple it is, the more you simply cover it with your nails, the more you can touch the glittering icicles, which can force them to surprise. These winter tunnels add pastel-colored icicles to the most lovely accents on a light blue background. The icicles arrive in 3 different types, which are attached to the nails in a repetitive pattern – they have a combination of white, gray and sparkling silver. A nail brush, a base coat, a top coat, a light blue nail polish, a silver glitter color and a white nail polish are all you need to obtain great tips.

Construction details: jewelrycoco

2. Blue and white snowflakes and reindeer nail art

Blue and white snowflakes and reindeer nail art

If you decide for the winter, you can not forget Christmas! This blue and white nail art will pay tribute to Christmas and celebrate snowflakes and cute deer, where each nail comes in a different design. All works are carried out with affordable water labels and waterslides of Christmas motifs. After the base color is alert, cut out the pattern and immerse it in water for 10 – 20 seconds, stick it on the nail and squeeze out the water. Blow dry the top and apply a kind transparent color.

Construction details: sweetworldofnails

3rd snowflake nail art

Snowflakes Nail Art

Equivalent to beautifully shaped snowflakes, two-colored nails with nail studs in white, pure majesty with a design in bright white. One end of the white nail polish consists of five lines, each of which also consists of two angled lines that create an illusion of snowflakes on the nail, while small dots fill a handful of blanks. Invisible color on the top adds a much needed shiny terminate for incredible mania. And when snowflakes scream loudly with your fingers, you can not go wrong with snowflakes.

Construction details: needles

4th Waterfall Winter Nail Design

Waterfall Winter Nail Design

Vertical walks in water-inspired colors, from cuticles to feathers, give the winter a stylish look nail designs, Manicure uses white, mica and silver to draw the design, while a slightly darker shade of gray forms the foundation here. Applied in lean strips on the nail, the final results of the shadows appear as tiny ice crystals that adorn the waterfall. Check out this awesome tutorial from Neglenymfer to create your own versions of Aqua Winterstollen.

Construction details: is neglenymf

5. Deer Head Nails

Deer head nails

How about a small sweater made from a warm and comfortable sweater? Let him arrive to your fingertips in the form of a alert-to-use manicure. One accent has a green and white plaid pullover, while the other shows a cute deer head in the same combination. Keep it green for the rest of the tips and here it is! If you do not have enough time to redesign the complex design from scratch, the author shares alternative nail wraps, stickers, and stamp plates that achieve the same effect with minimal effort.

Construction details: itsbecauseithinktoomuch

6. Royal Glitter Flowers Mani

Royal Glitter Flowers Mani

Here is another royal manicure in a majestic navy blue alert to grab a point at your fingertips and tug it along with some glowing flowers. And yes, the flowers here have a 3D look that highlights even the simplest designs with unparalleled beauty. 3D flowers need a nail art brush with a silver rhinestone placed in the middle, a dotted tool, and a silver glitter nail polish. For a variation, you can go to the base for just about any color, and those glittering nails abandon no visible mark.

Construction details: needles

7. Accent Snowflake Nail Art

Accent Snowflake Nail Art

Maybe this subtle but spectacular mania is as seasonal as possible, thanks to a large half snowflake and an accent nail that makes the most of the winters. Once all the glitter with the dark blue base is complete, you need to draw the snowflake on white with a white nail art brush. It's about painting a few lines in the same middle, which are decorated with the same angle lines. Latest results – a finished winter delusion that is simple to remove even for the most inexperienced nail artist.

Construction details: needles

8. Snowflake nail art training

Snowflake Nail Art Education

Snowflakes are a very powerful concept in their own right, but this nail-art design blends them with a soft ombre for a sky-like effect, making it all the more fabulous. First, the Ombre is made in three different shades of blue on a mat that pleases the eye, but the top coat, which is applied after painting the snowflakes, gives the tips a lovely shine. To paint snowflakes, you need a lean tool, a fine nail art brush, and a small rhinestone that is in the middle of the design, as Beautylish shows in the following illustration.

Construction details: Beautylish

9. Tribal design for nail design in winter

Even after working on a tribal design for every nail, the whole look is far from great – and that's what distinguishes Mania from many other ideas. Oh yeah, it looks great when you draw the symbolic design with the light blue nail art brush as it looks very clear on the white color scheme and background for the foreground. The pattern has almost everything – dots, lines and circles when it comes to forms that complement each other top. Circles fold into delicate petals and create an illusion of flowers.

Construction details: My instagram

10. Snowflake Nail Training

Snowflakes quotes tutorial

The snowflakes that directly affect our minds contain only shades of snow, blue, white or gray. However, if you can make everything attractive with a combination of bright red and white, why stay true to the ordinary when it becomes Christmas and manic for Christmas? You first draw a small V-shaped white cross that emanates from the lines, and a smaller X in the middle of the middle of the first cross. In the illustrated guide to Nail Art 101, you'll learn what to do.

Construction details: nail art-101

11. Ombre Winter Nail Art

Ombre Winter Nail Art

As two or more different colors arrive together so effortlessly, the world of nail art conquers like a storm. And this delusion is another example that draws the Ombre in lovely winter colors. From the brightest to the darkest, aim for a bright navy blue white around the cuticle and a lovely light blue in the middle. Apply a lovely transparent nail polish to the finished design to ensure that your mania lasts for a long time and is not broken off.

Construction details: anailzing

12. Side Glitter Winter Mani

Side Glitter Winter Mani

We're going to a party, but do not you want to go for an exaggerated mania that complements your shiny outfit? This manicure with the right balance of glamor and finesse will help you the next day as you dress for work. Apply a small shine to half of your nails while keeping the rest in a perfectly flat blue coat for a good winter. This fast pen gives you instant inspiration for removing designs, especially because no complex nail art tools or skills are needed.

Construction details: needles

13. Holiday Snowflake Nail Art

Holiday Snowflake Nail Art

Whether it's worth waiting for Christmas, New Year's or the whole winter vacation, this versatile manicure will obtain the right notes every time. This model, which prefers two accented nails with its own designs, keeps the rest of the hints flat and lovely with its eye-catching hue. One of the highlighted nails is painted in glossy silver, the second with two complex snowflakes and a few small white dots. Go to the pin below and let yourself be inspired!

Construction details: needles

14. Super Charming Snowflakes Nail Art Designs

Super Charming Snowflakes Nail Art Designs

Nothing breathes as white as possible, especially when the theme follows the monochrome idea. The part that highlights the white with more grace is the negative area that runs in the direction of the cuticle. The tips are painted similar to the French Manicure, except that they are painted glittering white. If we talk about winter, draw very lovely and different sized snowflakes on the nails and obtain a kind clear nail polish. If you have a slightly fixed hand in the drawing, you can pull it out perfectly.

Construction details: lovecart

15. Must try Snowflake Nail Art

Must try snowflake nail art

What a great idea for snowflake nail art – though the design comes with a snowflake at each fingertip, the pattern is combined with a different snowflake on all five peaks. While the combination of white and dark blue produces the top design, you can always add tiny rhinestones to add a touch of glitter to the dazzling element. The pin below inspires you to design it to your own liking and preferences while sharing an incredible idea.

Construction details: needles



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