10 fabulous ideas for decorating the living room


The living room becomes the middle of the room, which many families use for many activities. Thanks to all the activities in this room, it is very difficult to make any arrangements in this area.

If you do not cognize how to organize your room, look at these 10 great ideas for designing salons. Who knows that you can apply for one of your layout designs in your living room.

Modern living room layout with contrast sofa

Living room layout Small apartment

source: theblbar.com

Regardless of whether your living room is large or not, you can design the layout of the living room by placing two sofas in different colors and sizes. Choose neutral colors for a harmonious contrast.

You can select the color of the caramel for a long and formal sofa. By the way, you can select the small sofa, the black one. Put them facing each other. Wooden table and carpet underline the modern concept.

Gray living room plan

Interior Design Living Plan Ideas

source: classicsbeauty.com

Gray concept goes with bedroom and kitchen. It is also ideal for the design of the living room. The first thing you can do is commute the wall. You can paint gray.

Grab the gray sofas and add a white round ceramic table to complete the decor. Lay the gray carpet to give it the finishing touch. You will love the gray look in your living room.

Sweet Ivory Living Room Set

Small L-shaped living room plan ideas

source: loccie.com

If you have a spacious living room with a large window, try a sweet ivory concept for your living room. Place the sofas near the window for a great balance. This position generates natural light. Overall concept with striped curtain and abstract motif rug. Add a glass table for a good result.

Comfortable and well-balanced housing layout

Ideas for combined living-dining room layouts

source: mariomazzitelli.com

If you want a comfortable living room, you can try this comfortable and well-balanced living room. This layout aims to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

In order to create the atmosphere, it is sufficient to have matching seats in different seating positions. In the meantime, place the TV on a wall where anyone can see it from a different location.

Warm family-friendly living room layout

Living Room Layout Ideas with Fireplace and TV

source: mostbeautifulthings.net

For some people, the living room can have dual functions. In this room you can welcome guests or talk with your family.

This living room will have a warm and fun atmosphere when you have brought a modern model into a warm, family-friendly living room. Lay it in the L-shaped seat for a comfortable fit. Add an ottoman or extra seat by providing a large swell. Divide into a half space for a playground for children.

Modern city living room layout

Ideas for installation in the living room

source: voskopoja.com

Do you have a spacious living room? Try one of the ideas for designing living spaces by turning the concept of modern city life into reality. You can combine the light blue chair, the gray sofa and the peach sofa in the same place.

Stand up to them. The contrast of size, shape and color of chair, sofa and couch makes your living room more colorful and attractive. Add an abstract rug to give it a particularly modern city lifestyle.

Integrated dining area with living room layout

Small living room layout

source: pulehupizza.com

If you cognize how to customize the furniture, it seems convenient to integrate the living room into the dining room. Put a table next to the doors, a section under the windows, and a TV that everyone can look at from different angles. Use an abstract rug to find the difference between living room and dining room.

Soft living room layout

Open kitchen living room layout ideas

source: homedit.com

If you play with soft colors, your living room will be more lovely and stylish. Choose sofas in different colors and shapes. Add an oval white ceramic table and a dark rug to balance the mixed colors of the couch. For ornaments you can put the floor lamp and the colored seat cushions.

Vintage Vertical Striped Bicolor Livingroom Plan

Ideas for installation in the living room

source: pinterest.com

The decor of the two-tone living room with vertical stripes has a vintage sofa and is a great layout for the living room. This concept works for both a large and a small living room. Choose dark and light blue colors to create two-color vertical lines on the wall.

Place the wall shelves in the corner of the wall to personalize the wall area. You can also hang some abstract paintings and a mirror. To highlight the vintage concept, select an antique Burgundy sofa and small round tables.

Minimalist comfortable living space plan

Open Living Room Layout Ideas

source: outnowbailbond.com

Make yourself as comfortable as possible in your living room. Minimalist comfort concept can be carried in your living room. You can edit the style by removing the furniture. Choose a sofa with armchairs for a comfortable and comfortable seating environment. Put a round table in the room.

As a result, these ideas for designing the living room give your home some opportunities for a great design of the living room. Review the layout ideas in detail and try to apply one in your living room.



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