25 mystic unicorn nail designs go to fantasy land – sweet DIY projects


Unicorns – only the word creates a picture of a magical earth and is therefore one of the most popular fantasy creatures of all time, which looks stunning with golden horns. Inspired by creatures, here are unbelievably lovely 25 mystic unicorn nail designs.

25 Mystic Unicorn Nail Designs On the fantasy land

1. unicorn horn accent nails

Unicorn horn accents nail

Combine this majestic nail design with the latest fashion brands. While a light lavender and a blue backbone are based on some clues, the drama shines in a very colorful manner with a strong glow in others. Special hints here are unicorn horns made of shiny silver in 3D design. Complete the look with shimmering stone ornaments.

Construction details: pin code

2. Rainbow theme unicorn stud earrings

Rainbow theme unicorn nails

Everything mystical, including the colors of the unicorn and the rainbow, has fallen on these fingertips. There are striking neon tones on the nails, which are processed in stiletto shapes, with some hints adorned with jewels around the cuticles. Unicorn horns are carved into the ends with a soothing rainbow theme, while the other ends turn into metallic pinks and blues.

Construction details: needles

3. Unicorn Eyes and Horn Nail Design

Unicorn Eyes and Horn Nail Design

Is there anyone who does not meet the super sweet unicorn with its lovely eyelashes on the white rivets? The colorful unicorn here fascinates with a lovely golden horn, which is painted on the lace and decorated on it. For other nails, you can return to pastel rose petals with a fine nail art brush that adheres to the base on white.

Construction details: 68.media.tumbl is

4. Sculpture horn and painted unicorn face

The fact that these clues light up in the dark ensures that you pay close attention to the party and celebrate the unicorns with a pinch of impressions. Unicorn is a super sparkly nail designsThis is true for a pleasant pink shimmering base with a partially translucent texture. The highlight nail is here decorated with large crystals and stones, and the other has the shape of a unicorn with a rainbow theme. Draw a kind unicorn face on your thumb and here it is!

Construction details: My instagram

5. Golden Sculpture Unicorn Horn Design

If you're obsessed with shiny golden nail designs, this golden unicorn horn has worked on your accent nail. The special feature of this mania is that each of the nails is unique – one with a dark silver metallic color, the other with delicate pink and lavender, three with the same decoration, a silver shimmer on the middle finger and one with a 3D unicorn tip.

Construction details: My instagram

6. 3D Unicorn Face

Unicorn 3D Face

Let your artistic skills flow at the push of a button and work on a lovely three-dimensional unicorn on your nail. The creature's colorful hair will steal the show while the remaining nails do the work by emphasizing it perfectly. Many of the tops are covered with a glittering lavender, one of which has heavily carved flowers and two accent needles that have been made into unicorn horns.

Construction details: pin code

7. Finely painted unicorn features

Finely painted unicorn features

Here's an exaggerated mania and unicorn design that lets you go to a party, a romantic dinner date, and even a normal day outdoors. This design is simple with pastel pink for all the tips and has lovely unicorn features, which are painted on a floating bolt. With a fine brush, the eyes and ears of the unicorn are peeled off with a glittering horn.

Construction details: pin code

8. Translucent unicorn horn with glitter nails

Translucent unicorn horn with glitter nails

This unicorn seems to have enchanted a fairy on her fingers. The design is dominated by different shades of light pink and purple and radiates powerfully to highlight this design. Even though you may have a marble-like design for some tricks, the most surprising thing is that horns carved with horns are certainly used at one end of the dazzling whirlpool. Silver folds, a lot of jewelry and of course the shimmering, curved bands are astonishing.

Construction details: needles

9. Cute Rainbow Unicorn Face Nail Design

Cute Rainbow Unicorn Face Nail Design

This sweet unicorn will fall in love with the Nail Art Kiddos, and everything here seems to run out of rainbows. There is a rainbow effect combined with shining stars on the thumb, while rainbow effects flow at both ends. While the unicorn face is drawn with rainbow horns and unicorns on the middle finger, the highlighted nail falls completely on.

Construction details: pin code

10. Colorful sculpture unicorn hair nails design

Colorful sculpture unicorn hair nail design

The only element in these nails that belongs to the three-dimensional sculpture is the unicorn hair, which looks more like flowers and colored leaves than hair, to emphasize the fantasy effect. Other fingertips are replaced by a difficult pink coat and a soothing shiny metallic pink coat. For a bit more decor, you can always cast in a few stones and decorations.

Construction details: pin code

11. Kawai Unicorn Face Nail Art

Kawai Unicorn Face Nail Art

This unicorn tip is no less than a page from a sketchbook – thanks to the sporty lines and details of the unicorn profile face, which is painted at the end with purple hair, a golden horn and a cute, delicately pink face. A 3D unicorn horn with a magical glittering touch in white and silver. They also have flower tips and a solid milk tip filled with silver stones.

Construction details: pin code

12. Cute japanese unicorn nail design

Cute Japanese Unicorn Nail Design

Can leopard and unicorn be combined in a single nail art, but does not it look like they are repressed? These super sweet nails prove literally; Here you have prepared a very lovely colored leopard pattern on the small fingers with ombre background and the cute unicorns are painted on both ends of the pink background. For more beauty you have a negative space with colored dots and a diamond made in others.

Construction details: pin code

13. Gorgeous unicorn silhouette and horn mania

Glorious Unicorn Silhouette and Horn Mani

Name almost every attractive manicure category and pay attention to these nails! These silver-plated metal nails look like magic, with lush pink nails adorned with lovely stars. Oh yes, there are also lovely unicorn silhouettes of glittering, do not let the glittering sculpture-unicorn horns with translucent accents push you to modern heights.

Construction details: pin code



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