23 Want to copy sexy tattoos for women?

I've been thinking about making tattoos for a while, but have not you found the great design yet? If that sounds like you're right here. Today we have 23 sexy tattoos and placement ideas for women. There is a tattoo for everyone, including lovely thigh tattoos, offbeat body art, feminine floral patterns, and more. After seeing these sexy tattoos, all you have to do is decide which ones to try! Take a look at this and be inspired.

1. Big and sexy dragon tattoo

The first tattoo idea we have to show you is sexy and difficult! This body art piece features a dragon with tattoo on the ribs and hips. Perfect for anyone who wants a stunning design and a great tattoo making a statement. You can recreate it or add color for a softer look.

Great and sexy Dragon Tattoo idea

Source: @ira_shmarinov too

2nd single rose tattoo idea

Then we have a smaller and finer idea. There is only one rose on the thigh. As you can see, the design is small and pleasant. Such a tattoo suits everyone, and you can emulate the black ink design or try to add color to the goodbye. In any case, it will look fabulous. You can also obtain a tattooed rose anywhere on the body.

3. Stunning Ornamental Sternum Tattoo

Sternum tattoos It has become one of the most popular parts of body art for women, and we can see why with such designs. This tattoo has a design with lovely patterns, elegant jewelry and a striking design lotus also. It's a lovely tattoo and it really makes a statement. You can recreate it or try your own version of the design.

4. Flower sleeves

This next tattoo is one of our favorites. There is a flower sheath. Many lovely flowers on the skin hammered from the shoulder to the wrist. These flowers only look black ink and peony, Very edgy and trendy design. Such a tattoo is great for those who want to be brave. If you have a similar design or you can try to use a different type of flower.

5. Sexy mandala thigh tattoo

Then we have a sexy and lovely thigh tattoo that we show you. The design features a stunning floral mandala. We love it because the patterns used are lovely. There are many different mandala patterns available so you can rebuild them or try something completely different. Either way Mandala looks great when tattooing on the thigh.

6. Spinal tattoo with propose

Looking for a unique and stunning tattoo? If so, this next design may be for you. Here we have a spinal tattoo with the quotations "He thought he could do it, so he did it". The quote is hammered with an elegant script and the overall design is spectacular. You can place any quote under the spine and select any font.

7. Rose Back Tattoo Idea

The next tattoo idea is kind and stylish. This shoulder tattoo has black ink rose Background with geometric pattern. Rose looks adorable and shoulder tattoos are sexy and eye-catching if you select or specify. Restore this tattoo or add some color. You can recreate the rose pattern with or without background pattern.

Rose back tattoo idea

Source: @lucasmilk

8. Flower collar bone tattoo

We love the next tattoo! Here we are Collarbone tattoo It features lovely blue flowers. The flowers are elegant and delicate, but due to their location they obtain a sharp turn. Collared Bone Tattoos look great and unique. Try a similar tattoo or place any motive on the collarbone.

Flower Collar Bone Tattoo

Source: @aeri_tattoo

9. Stylish snake design

Then you have a stunning breast tattoo to show it to you. A feature of this tattoo Snake, Flowers and a moon. Everything about this tattoo is sexy and stylish, from where the body art is inserted into the snake design. This is great for those who want a unique and bold tattoo. You can build it or try another snake or flower. Maybe you can add some subtle colors.

10. Mandala and rose thigh tattoo

Did you like the Mandala Thigh Tattoo that we have already shown you? If so, you need to check the next idea. Here is another mandala on the thigh. This model has a different pattern and three roses have been added to the design. As you can see, the flowers and patterns look great. It is a striking idea and can be placed elsewhere in the body, e.g. On a tattoo back or on ribs.

Mandala and Rose Thigh Tattoo

Source: the @alinat

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