7 Ways to Win Pinterest Followers with Little Effort (2019!)


Pinterest is a great tool to generate more traffic to your blog, more email subscribers, and more sales. If you read this post, you cognize it already!

And let me guess, here's what you think: Sa If I had more followers on Pinterest, I would obtain more traffic, sell more and make more money! "

The truth is that this is not necessarily true. By 2019, Pinterest followers will not be as important as before.

Pinterest works like a seek engine today. There are still some elements on social media platforms (followers + the ability to abandon comments), but in general they work like Youtube and Google instead of Facebook and Instagram.

Think about it: How many times have you been on YouTube and seen a completely random channel / video that has been recommended as you've never heard before? That happens to me always, I'm not a fan of these channels, but from what I've seen before, Youtube knows what I propose and what I'm interested in.

Same as Pinterest.

Instead of displaying the content of the people from the accounts they are following, Pinterest displays the contents of their previous searches, as they probably want exactly that.

Once your content has been suggested and viewed by enough people, you can win followers.

So instead of asking Nasıl How can I find more followers on Pinterest? " To inquire a better question "How can I see more of my content? "

The more people see your content, the more followers you have.

If you focus on improving your Pinterest marketing strategy as a whole, you'll obtain more Pinterest followers.

With that in mind, I'll share the top 7 secrets I've achieved with less effort than 15,000 Pinterest followers, while increasing my blog traffic and revenue!

1. Pin the top time for your audience (with tailwind!)

That's great! I did not detect it before I changed my fix, but I sabotaged my Pinterest growth just at the wrong time. After changing my fixing schedule, my Pinterest followers rose from 1,000 to over 15,000.

So, when is the right time to catch up?

It depends entirely on the audience and where you live. Personally, I live in the UK and most of my viewers live in the USA. I read online that the top times for the internet are after work, for lunch, and between 10 and 12 o'clock, but I never thought that these times would be completely different for everyone, depending on where they live in the world ,

So after analyzing my audience TailwindI found out that the majority of my viewers live in LA and NYC. The top time for me was actually 23:00 and 5:00!

In NYC, it's from 6:00 to midnight when people arrive back from work. It makes sense!

BUT being in London, I thought I would have to program my content in London. Big mistake.

If you're interested in Pinterest and have trouble finding your followers, make sure you're sending them to the right time for your audience. If you are not sure how to do this, log in Tailwind (They propose a free 30-day trial!) And Tailwind's clever planning tool will keep you informed.

To set it up:

  1. Set route Publisher-> Scheduled Pins From the menu on the left
  2. click Add / remove time zones
  3. Click now Recreation Calendar Under the general queue.

2. Safe throughout

Another reason why tailwind plays such a large role in the growth of my followers is that it keeps me consistent. Now I cast 30 pins a day in my top times. Tailwind Smart Timer,

Pinterest is all about consistency. Whether you need to inject needles 5 times a day or 30 times a day depends on the consistency of your needles, not on the number of needles you place on the platform.

So if you want to use tailwind, this is SUPER important! See how much content you have on your blog, and then decide how many pins you send per day. It can be between 5 and 30 pins per day, as long as you do this.

Once you have selected your program, do not deviate from it. If absolutely Nothing Back up content from other bloggers or retailers to secure them for specific times. As long as you keep your program consistent, Pinterest will reward you!

Want to obtain to cognize the top Pinterest traffic secrets to develop your blog? Sign up on Pinterest for a FREE 4-day accident course!

3. Master Pinterest SEO

It is a common misconception that Pinterest is a social media. Actually Pinterest NOT Social Media: This is a seek engine.

And that means you have to deal with it alone. Make your profile, dashboards, and pins easily searchable by using keywords and tags that your target audience may put into the seek bar on Pinterest.

Also, when creating modern content and pins, check if REALLY there is a demand for these keywords. If you focus on creating problem-solving content for your audience, you'll soon find that your content is getting more clicks and more followers of your profile!

Here's a snippet of the keywords I've added to my profile:

Would you like to obtain to cognize the inputs and outputs of Pinterest SEO? Overcome the head How Pinterest itself is the # 1 SEO and Ranking Blogger Pinterest to fully immerse yourself in SEO!

4. Ask people to follow your Pinterest from your blog via social media + email

Sounds simple, right? Sometimes common sense is not a common practice!

Ask people to follow you on Pinterest. Whether in your other social media profile, blog or e-mail address, it will REALLY take some time to follow!

This number is as simple as adding a simple call to action at the bottom of your blog posts: Follow me on Pinterest for great content! ".

You can also add a link to your Pinterest profile at the bottom of your email and add social icons to your blog's sidebar or menu. B .:

This makes it easier for people to find their Pinterest profile!

5. Join tailwind tribes to promote your content

Backwind trunks are the secret of my blogging success. It was a game changer for me.

From 50,000 page views on my blog, I've transitioned from 90,000 page views to MONTHS.

My Pinterest followers have not only dramatically increased, but also increased my blog turnover! Now I earn between $ 3,000 and $ 8,000 a month on blogs, especially with Tailwind Tribes.

So, what exactly are the tailwind trunks?

Tailwind Tribes is often referred to as a better version of Pinterest group boards. Their main advantage is that your content is shared by thousands of ALREADY followers. Even if you're a modern blogger, your content can reach millions of people with the help of other Pinterest users.

Here's how many people have seen my content on Pinterest ONLY because of the tribes:

As I said, Total Game Changer.

If you are looking for the top strategy to learn more about the power of the tailwind strains and obtain results as soon as possible, I strongly recommend that you test them. Explosive traffic with trunks – This is my ebook, Tailwind Tribes, and I share the step-by-step plan to obtain 90,000 page views per month!

6. Clean your boards without erasing the niche (pins!)

Another great way to increase your awareness on Pinterest Slide the boards down. The more prominent your boards are, the better.

Again, it's all about Pinterest, which looks more like a seek engine than a social media platform. Pinterest wants to propose its customers the top possible service. The easiest way is to show them exactly what they are looking for.

The more boards are broken, the clearer the message for Pinterest. Instead of creating a general meeting called Women's Fashion, create several forums with more specific keyword titles such as Winter Fashion, Fall Fashion, Spring Fashion, Summer Fashion.

If you have many generic assemblies, think about which subcategories you can divide them into, and then create modern assemblies with those headings.

This was exactly what I did with Pinterest boards and it had a large impact on my Pinterest growth. When I analyze my boards in Tailwind, I see that my favorite boards are personalized boards:

Keep in mind that all my favorite boards are PERSONAL boards in small niches and NOT general group boards.

Since these dashboards are good keywords and represent small niches, the needles of these dashboards appear higher in the seek results and REALLY reach people in a consistent and long-term way.

Instead of focusing on more than 100,000 followers, you should focus on creating your own dashboards with better Pinterest SEO. I promise you will see results faster this way!

7. Consistently create modern needles

Last but not least, you want to make sure you create modern pins. the whole time. You must have a program that you followed to create modern blog posts. When you create a modern blog post, you want to make sure you create some pens to continue.

I usually create at least 2 pins per article, but sometimes I want to create a bit more and 6 pins for each blog post. This is not detrimental because you then need to analyze more data to determine which type of pens perform top.

Also, make sure you create modern needles for your ancient content. Sometimes spending 20 minutes is more expensive than thinking up modern pins and publishing a modern blog post.

The key to remember is to focus on creating modern pins that are already popular for ancient content. For example, focus on creating modern pins for your FIRST Top 10 blog entries, and then continue to create pins for other blog entries. That way you can maximize your blog traffic and obtain more followers on Pinterest.

* Last thoughts *

There you are! These are my top tips to reach Pinterest followers in 2019. If you copy this tactic, you will not only detect a large improvement in the number of followers, but also blog traffic. and obtain the money you blog.

Currently, thanks to the tips I have just mentioned, I see over 1000 modern followers in my profile every month.

Do you want more Pinterest traffic secrets?

I delve deeper into the secrets of Pinterest traffic, where I've got 90,000 page views a month on my blog, 5 million years of Pinterest calls, and how my content has spread like wildfire in my stuck e-book Explosive traffic with trunks.

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