23 Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas for Halloween


One of the most wanted makeup for Halloween is the Sugar Skull. The make-up was inspired by colorful and ornate sugar skulls used on the Día de los Muertos or on the Day of the Dead in Mexico. We cognize how much you love Sugar Skull Makeup, and we cognize you've found the top 23 Instagram Instagram Instagram designs that inspire Halloween for Instagram. We have an idea for every sugar skull and everyone will look great for every Halloween event. What are you waiting for? We have scary skulls, sparkling make-up and more.

1. Creepy Sugar Skull Makeup

First, we have this scary sugar skull make-up. The make-up artist created a black skull makeup with dramatically smoky eyes and painted her neck and body to look like a skeleton. This makeover is completed with a stunning flower headband and flower earrings. You can replicate that look or paint your face in a similar way. The following page contains a complete list of used make-ups.

Spooky Sugar Skull Makeup

Source: @ cirquelady_87

2. Thick and bright make-up idea

Then we have the idea of ​​a bright and bold sugar skull. For this look, the makeup artist used the colors orange and purple to create a lovely costume with sugar skulls. Make-up is finished with stones, flowers and a statement that makes the floral headband. Such a design with sugar skulls highlights you and we love colors because vibrant colors like these are often used in traditional sugar skulls. You can check which products are used on the makeup artist page.

Bold and bright makeup idea

Source: @yadeemu too

3. Sunflower makeup idea

Your next make-up idea is very unique and lovely. Here we have a sunflower skull. This artist was inspired by the sunflower and fall season to create the look. It has a lovely floral design that is complemented with green stems to look like a bone in your eyes. Makeup is finished with flowers in autumn. This is an unusual version of the sugar skull. You can copy it or use different flowers for your make-up. See the make-up artist's website for all the products you're using and a YouTube lesson.

Flower Sugar Skull makeup

Source: @emilyjaynefx

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4.Cute Sugar Skull Clown Makeup

I can not decide clown or a sugar skull? Well, you do not have to do that with make-up. This make-up artist has a look at both. He created a mouth-like skull with heart shapes, hair, hair and flowers and bows in his eyes. It's like a combination of different Halloween looks. Restore something similar or use this image as inspiration to create your own Sugar Skull Clown.

Sugar Skull Clown Makeup

Source: the @jadedeaco

5. Traditional sugar skull look

This next idea is one of our favorites! Here we have a stunning design with sugar skulls. It has a traditional look because of its flowery headband and veil. The make-up is lovely and the skeletal teeth look very realistic. A costume and make-up like this will wear off at any Halloween celebration. You can check the entire costume from the following page.

6. Mermaid Themed Sugar Skull Makeup

Then we have a unique idea to show you! This artist combined the sugar skull and Mermaid Makeup together! As you can see, the result is astonishing. It has a more classic skeletal mouth and a patterned nose and mouth. The rest of her make-up looks like a magic mermaid with scales. This is a mystical and unusual idea and you can check on the following page which products are used.

Mermaid themed unique sugar skull make-up

Source: @luvekat

7. Beautiful white lace Sugar Skull Makeup

Many skeletons and sugar skull make-up use black for lines and patterns. What if you use white? This makeup artist has created a stunning white make-up look. She finished the make-up with gemstones. White make-up and rhinestones give her an elegant, eerie and spooky look. This is a unique idea and we love it! A YouTube tutorial can be found below.

Beautiful White Lace Sugar Skull Makeup

Source: @kaitnicholexo

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8. Scary and stunning make-up idea

The next make-up idea is one of our favorites! Here we have a breathtaking makeover of the red sugar skull with stones, flowers and lovely patterns. She also wears a floral headband with a skull, which fits well with make-up. This is the idea of ​​a scary and violent sugar skull make-up great for a party. You can rebuild it or try to create simpler patterns. Definitely a great view for Halloween.

9. Simple Sugar Skull Makeup

Maybe you are looking for a simpler make-up design? If so, this idea is great for you. Here we have less sugar skull makeup and only a few models. The eyes are mostly black with red accents, the nose is heart-shaped and the lips are red with skeleton lines. All this is very simple to replicate and can be done with the make-up that you can have. That's a great last minute look.

Simple Sugar Skull Makeup

Source: @elisauroor too

10. Glam look with rhinestones

Look adorable and glamorous this Halloween with sugar skull make-up like this one. The make-up artist created skull-like eyes as well as the nose and mouth of the skeleton. He finished the look with sparkling diamonds. We love the purple color and we think she looks very lovely with stones. This makeover is a must for anyone who wants to attend Halloween parties or celebrate a night in the city. On the following page you can check with which products make-up is created. The stones used can be obtained from Evol Cosmetics.



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