21 Stunning Halloween Eye Makeup Looks


Are you still looking for the great make-up to wear this Halloween? As the seek may end, today we have 21 spectacular eye make-up ideas that we can show you! We love eye make-up because it lets you celebrate Halloween and the rest of your make-up looks adorable and lovely. They can be as lean or as lean as you like. Maybe you can just do the eye make-up or try the eye design with creepy features like contact lenses and artificial blood. Each of these make-up ideas is great for Halloween. What are you waiting for? Look in here!

1. Halloween eye make-up with devil and angel

The idea of ​​the first make-up shows your bad and good side. It has a red devil design complete with horns in one eye, and is more angelic with a halo on the other side. This is a creative idea and makes your eyes too attractive. Re-create the entire look or add more drama by choosing a darker lip color. In any case, you will look fabulous. You can see which beauty products are used in this make-up.

Devil and angel halloween eye make-up

Source: @goodiemaykup

2. Cobweb design with Glam Eyes

Then we have a magical and scary idea. The make-up artist used a mix of warm eyeshadow colors that were great for the fall in her eyes. He finished his appearance with a small shimmer, a thick eyeliner and a spider web design. This is our favorite look. Because it is also suitable for Halloween and autumn. You can recreate it without nets for cute eye make-up for another event. The complete list of products used can be found on the following page.

Spider web design with charming eyes

Source: the @swayzemorg

3. Bloody Eye Makeup

Bring blood with eye make-up this way and obtain closer to Halloween! Here we have a bloody cut pattern. The upper and lower eyelashes have a red eye pencil and the eye is wrinkled and cut off from the blood in the inner corner of the eye. It's a very cool and creative idea. You can see a tutorial and all the products used on the make-up artist page.

4. Spider eyes make-up for Halloween

Many people are afraid of spiders. Be inspired by spooky spiders for your Halloween make-up. You can create something like that. For this look, the makeup artist used dark Halloween eye make-up, a Halloween classic. He finished his performance by creating a spider pattern in one eye. It's a unique idea and if you close your eyes, it will look like a spider! You can find online tutorials for spider leg makeup.

5. Haunted House Eye Makeup

If you love spooky haunted houses, this makeover is just right for you. This make-up artist used a lovely mix of eye shadow and drew a classic haunted house through the folds of her eye. The view is glossy. This is a great and creative idea! Such a make-up requires practice and patience when trying to recreate, but as you can see, it's worth it!

Haunted House Eye Makeup

Source: @_renatemakeup

6. Happy Halloween Eye Makeup Idea

Just because it's Halloween does not mean that you can not wear bright colors! You can try something like that. Here we have lively eye make-up in the colors purple, green and orange. The gig ended with glitter and a cute Happy Halloween message. We love this eye make-up because it celebrates Halloween, but you can have fun and be creative with your make-up.

7. horror movie-inspired eye make-up

If you like horror movies, this make-up idea is for you! Here we have the classic black eyeliner with dark eye shadow. On the lash line is a red eyeliner. The show is over from the 13th movie on Friday with the classic horror characters Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. It's a very cool and scary idea. You can recreate this view or select any horror character.

Horror movie inspired eye makeup.

Source: @venomtoyaveins

8. Purple and green eye make-up with spiders and nets

Then you have to invent another spider to show it to you. This time, the make-up artist used one eye, the other a green eyeshadow blend. There are spider webs at the outer corners of each eye and a spider. We have a classic Halloween witch mood because we love the colors and the spiders are also super scary. A fun look that's great for the party. You can check which page is being used.

9. Tombstone eye makeup

The next idea we have to show you is very scary! For this look, the makeup artist has prepared an orange eye shadow mix. Eye make-up with black gravestones and bats. This creepy design and the colors used are great for Halloween! Another make-up idea that requires practice, but is worth it. You can check which page is being used.

10. Beautiful Eye Makeup with Red Devil Horn and Tail

One of the most popular Halloween costumes Satan and then we look at the classic red devil. His eyes have a color mixture with eyeliners and long eyelashes. Makeup is finished with horns and red devil tail. It will look cute and simple to wear and will be as lovely as last minute make up.



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