18 super cool geometric nail art designs that will take your breath away!


Geometric nails are now a trend that completely overcomes the graphics. Undoubtedly, these interesting patterns and styling, which are matched or processed in contrasting colors, make your fingertips very impressive. At the same time, these 18 geometric nail designs are stylish and simple to use and will keep everyone's breath.

Best Geometric Nail Art Designs

1st tip for geometric black and white accents

Tip for geometric black and white accents

The most invincible color combination, black and white, is definitely one of the top things to do when it comes to geometric mania. The three tips here are beautifully covered with a solid matte black, while the ring finger receives a wealthy silver terminate. The highlight here is a lush geometric pattern in silver, black and white.

details: the ledysovet

2. Glitter mats with touches

Matt with glittering notes

This nail art, with its beauty of matte terminate paired with shimmer, comes with a combination of gold, nude and brown. The ring finger has three ends painted in monochrome tones and a lovely geometric pattern of triangles and some parallel lines. The pattern in the middle is painted with gold glitter and makes a fabulous contrast to the three colors.

details: needles

3. Opposite Criss-Cross Mania

Opposite Criss-Cross Mani

This creates a contrast between white and silver. nail design Here is a simple pattern in which three nails are painted white and the ring finger has a white base that crosses diagonal lines. The small finger is painted with a silver coat and the triangle created in the pattern is painted with silver, which gives an elegant explanation.

details: Fashion star

4. Vertical geometric stripes

Vertical geometric stripes

While a person rarely thinks of a combination of dark burgundy, black and gray tones, this nail art shows how beautifully a pattern is treated with these unique tones. The three fingers reflect a shiny chestnut layer, while the finger of the ring is covered with a flat gray. For an accent hint, you have a slightly neutral background with random black vertical stripes that discover the geometry.

details: Fashion star

5. Simple puncturing tool Geometric Design

Simple puncturing tool Geometric design

Looking for a simple nail design? Then it's simple to make this super elegant and lovely nail art. You only need a few stripes and punctuation tools to create the design. By combining the lightweight baby pink base with black lines and dots, the design is great for a leisurely date or outdoor visit. The pattern is simple to make and looks incredibly lovely.

details: m.vk

6. Triangles and lines have stolen the show

Triangles and lines have stolen the show

Three fingers show the beauty of a simple light blue coat, while the ring finger shows a complex pattern with lines and triangles. For this design, you only need strips that cover the nail to expose the area for the design. The triangular stripe created in the pattern is painted with a shiny silver shimmer that stands out against its bright blue hue.

details: weheartit

7. Blue and yellow geometric mani

Blue and yellow geometric mani

With a combination of light blue and yellow, three tips are painted in solid tones. Two nails arrive in a kind pattern with a mix of colors. The middle finger has a simple pattern in which the upper half of the nail is yellow and the lower half is colored blue and in the middle of natural tissue. The ring finger shows a complex pattern with stripes and is painted in the middle with silver.

details: canshav too

8. White and silver accent inserts with geometric design

Accent Tipe White and Silver Inserts with geometric design

Are you looking for a mania that is well suited for a normal working day and great for a dinner? Here is a versatile design with the dominance of white, which is very slender and eye-catching. However, the integration of a silver light insert adds the essential element of magic, which in turn creates a geometric pattern on the accent pen.

details: koees

9. Integrate negative gap

Integrate negative space

For each hand, pick an accent point and give all the remaining tips a smooth white splash on a shiny surface. For the highlighted hint, you draw a very interesting geometric pattern for intelligently using the negative field and intelligently using fine lines created with black to process the print. A few bright triangular decorations in random places make it extraordinary.

details: weheartit



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