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As you drive through a crowded street of car horns, torches and people thrown into the past, stop opening an unsigned door and immediately swing into another world. The forest calls the bird and the music of Exotica glides through the air. Lush plants, waterfalls, carved wood decors and tropical patterns appear and the eyes merge into a dark room. They dipped themselves in a bar with a large selection of ingredients and rum. The cocktails are decorated with soaring ornaments and decorated with flowers. You promise a short escape while sipping your drink. They found themselves in a tiki bar! The modest doors open to another world where dizzying patterns, exotic decor, intoxicating music and the freedom to take you to a remote island or forest are at home. Dodging and longing for Rumdrinks led to the creation of a conference celebrating everything that makes up Tiki Oasis!

Photo by Susie Delaney

Tim Hardy photography with photography

Circle of Tiki by Sven Kirsten


If you see more than just tropical prints and rum drinks, you will lose yourself in the lovely community that is the heart of Tiki's kitsch and charm. 1 piece of music, 1 piece of fashion, 1 decoration piece, 1 piece of rum and 1 piece of Mahalo make for a great hell! The Tiki at your core is all about smuggling and moving to another time and place. And it is questionable whether the smuggling need is needed now more than ever.

The tiki culture revives nostalgia like ukulele. Apparently, he remembers a better or at least easier time (For some, the entire population in the 40s, 50s and 60s has never been so simple). In 1933, Don Beach Don's Beachcomber opened and founded the first Tiki Bar. With the opening of the popular tropical area, more and more tiki bars are offering more and more thirsty customers rum-filled libations. II. After the Second World War and the reunification of Hawaii as a state, many Americans tried the first island culture and wanted more. Regardless of whether the tiki bars were in the right place at the right time, or if they were clever predictions, the gates were open and a small patch of the American island waited to be dehydrated forever. Although many of the classic and popular bars are closed, modern tiki bars have recently appeared in a large number of emerging times (Smugglers Cove, Pagan idol Zombie village, False idol For example). The culture around the tiki bars has only grown in the last 20 years.

Photo of Albertine

Courtesy of Tiki Oasis


With the spread of retroism and the emergence of Tiki culture in the 21st century, tropical-dressed individuals came together to consider at first glance how they should form the Tiki oasis. He jumped and grew up for today's conference. He now had his own life, which he had set up at the Crowne Plaza in San Diego. Tiki Oasis is the world's largest annual Tiki community, organized over a period of several days with symposia / negotiations specializing in entertainment, vendor market, auto show, pool entertainment and history, mixology, music and more. There is an overwhelming sense of Mahalo among the participants as everyone gathers and celebrates their love of Tiki.

The market is an Exotica market where you can only buy at the conference where sellers sell their tiki figures, clothes and glasses! seminar Run the whole day and open up a series of interesting topics (You have to pull the participants out of the pool!) This year's titles conclude:

  • Ninety years of classic San Diego Tiki
  • Content Important: good drinking instructions This seminar highlights the importance of selecting high-quality ingredients for making cocktails. Examination of beverages, liqueurs, syrups, fruit juices and ice cream; why we select fresh and high quality products instead of artificial products; How these ingredients affect the taste and presentation of cocktails.
  • Walt Disney explores Tiki
  • May Tai Roa A! with Jeff "Beachbum" Berry The world's most famous Tiki drink is 75 years ancient this year … and the war of those who invented it. The dealer Vic claimed to have invented Mai Tai in 1944. Bandleader Harry Owens claimed to have introduced Mai Tai to the world in 1954. Don The Beachcomber says he invented Mai Tai Road in 1932.
  • Riffs & Spiffs: How do I obtain my own cocktail? Come and learn what makes a Tiki different from a tropical drink and how you can create your own Tiki classics yourself. Accompany mykologen and writer Tiki Lindy on this entertaining discovery, creating a balanced cocktail inspired by Tiki
  • Tropical Cocktails Home Bar Guide Team up with pros Tom and Kelly to explicate the latest cocktails, from the Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails – from concept to printed books,

There will also be a wine recognition seminar with the wine merchant Judd Finkelstein and Gerald Casale from Devo Glory! Perfect for this year's theme: the modern wave of the 80s! This was to create a fun transition between neon and tropical outfit, while combining the music of the '80s with exotic sounds. This year I can not wait to escape to the world of Tiki Oasis!

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE Tiki Oasis and THAT You will not want to miss Hanalei for Luau!


I asked the experienced Tiki Oasis fans and looked for tips on how to prepare for the Tiki Marathon in the Tiki Oasis Facebook group.

  • Dress! Bring your top tropical island outfits and accessories. Everyone here is at nine. Pin-up hairstyles, ancient Hawaiian shirts, play clothes and mummies are everywhere! As I said, do not worry if you do not have a Tiki shirt or dress for every day. Each one is very friendly and fits in with everything you wear. Just bring your love and Tiki with you. for a full fit.
  • Pack casual shoes! It may be tempting to wear your favorite shoes during the day, but you will also run and dance.
  • Collect your favorite Tiki trophies! Show your collection to those who like it top. However, avoid taking them to the pool (without glass) and prefer metal or plastic pineapple or a tropical cup.
  • Bring tips for space festivals. Every night, room festivals take place in the hotel rooms. Make sure you have cash to overturn your bartender serving delicious rum drinks.
  • When it comes to space festivals, they can be very full and hot. For that reason, use breathable clothing (not polyester) and sensible shoes for parties for longer periods of time.
  • Find friends with people who are okay at parties! It is possible to make lasting friendships that make time pass faster.
  • If you can not bring it back to your room before the night, bring commute of clothes or shoes.
  • Hydrate hydrate. The weather can obtain hot and the days are long and full of rum. Take a reusable water bottle and fill it regularly throughout the day.


  • Wooden jewelry and tropical accessories
  • Retro dresses, playsuits
  • Dresses with hibiscus print
  • Fruit decorations and tops
  • Leopard pattern because of my neutrality!
  • Swimsuits, plan to live in the pool!
  • Retro flowers for hair flowers, hair spray and hairpins
  • DripDrop electrolyte powder remains wet at night and at night, followed by aqueous drinks.
  • Energy for vitamin B12
  • Hand fan and gentleman to cool at the pool
  • Sun
  • Disc hat hangs for pool clock
  • Earplugs and face masks to sleep soundly at night (or for several hours you can obtain!)
  • Tiki cups
  • Pain relief (urgently needed)
  • Drink rum! Prepare it and put it in my bag. The lines in the bar can be long and you can hear the drinks they drink. It's also fun to share your own invitations with your ancient and modern friends.



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