Rustic Coffee Table – Easy DIY Project


Will not it be even more astonishing to have a great snack for dinner with a kind coffee table? The market is definitely loaded with this piece of furniture, but many dollars arrive for those with a unique rustic charm. Make a coffee table with wheels yourself.

Rustic coffee table

Not only is it a cheaper alternative to store-bought, it also does not show the touch of a super-chic farmhouse.

To commence the project, you need some materials that you can easily buy in a hardware store. The list includes a special cut list with wood chips and lumber – two 2 x 2 x 8 feet, two 2 x 4 x 8 feet, four 1 x 8 x 8 feet, a 4 x 4 x 4 feet, four 3 wheel, a few Piece of wood filling with screw cap, a lovely wood stain, polyurethane, sanding block, screwdriver, drill, lumberjack, inch tape, pencil, hammer and iron bar.

Rehab Life offers a YouTube tutorial that guides you step by step through creating a rustic buck. All you need is some simple knowledge in woodworking and careful handling of drills, routers and other tools.

The fact that the table has wheels makes it very simple to move when and where it is needed. And the wheels contribute to the overall impression of the table. Remember the structure of this lovely piece of magazines, mattresses and so on. Leave enough space for storage of items.

(Video and pictures – over Rehabilitation life)
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The first step is to cut all required pieces of wood into the assembly of the table to the appropriate dimensions. For this purpose, you can use an inch tape measure to explicate the dimensions with the pens in more detail. Then take a lumberjack and cut the pieces by taking the positions marked as reference.

Then prepare the base frame containing the top and bottom of the table. Additionally, the last frame is machined with four vertical columns of the table by joining the top and bottom together. Now you have reached the finished structure of this miracle.

Now comes the section where you decorate the table with filling, painting and finishing with the finishing touches. After the visible screw heads and holes are filled with wood filler, allow to dry for a while. Then a sanding block contributes to the wear of the table and leaves no asymmetric edges on the structure. With the help of a cloth and a brush, a fine stain is applied to the table and allowed to dry for a while. To obtain a great top coat and protect furniture from rust or dry dust, the top coat polyurethane is sufficient.

Turn the wheel around the table and place a wheel on each corner of the base, put the screws in and go off & # 39; s!



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