20 lovely DIY vertical plant hangers in budget


The easiest way to decorate your garden was to hang your plants horizontally. However, do you cognize that you can develop your garden decoration skills by hanging your plants in other ways? Vertically hanging plants will not only make your garden look more lovely, but also save space in your garden. This definitely shows that your garden is cleaner and tidier. In addition, vertical plant hangers facilitate daily watering, as you can easily water your plants from the top of the pots and the water will move the pots down and water the soil. , If you are not sure which vertical plant hangers you need, you are in the right place! Here are some things you can imagine.

If you have a small ladder that you no longer use, you can use it to hang your planters vertically. All you need is a metal wire to attach your containers to the back of the ladder. Make sure you hang it up properly so it does not fall off the ladder and break off. Another thing you can select is bamboo. Bamboo makes large vertical plant stems! All you need is a few pieces of bamboo and a few nails to hang on the wall. You can have vertical plant hangers made of bamboo that never hang well. You can plant flowers or salad in bamboo pots. Likewise, you can hang normal white flower pots with nails and hammer on a small tree! No more waste of space and no boring-looking garden.

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