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There is nothing better than a chilled limoncello glass. It is a traditional liqueur from southern Italy, but you can do it at home! This homemade recipe is lightly sweetened and blended perfectly with lemons after two weeks. You will love this recipe!

I've never been a fan of Limoncello, who bought it in shops, but in Italy we tasted the most refreshing homemade limoncello, soft and spicy. Incomparable with the store bought! The vodka with lemonade was so fresh and smooth. Vodka is brewed with lemon peel for two weeks and turns every sip of this delicious liquor into a sorcery.

Consumables for the production of limoncello

How is limoncello made?

The process is actually simple! An expectation that may be difficult, but worth it! Such a novelty when you drink the first sip of your homemade limoncello! You will like to do it.

  • Peel 6 organic Eureka or Meyer lemons with vegetable peelers. You can buy one here.
  • Add the cups in a pile because you will be using them to brew vodka.
  • Halve 6 lemons.
  • Using a citrus press, squeeze 12 pieces of lemon in a glass.
  • Pour lemon juice, vodka and lemon peel into a long, large glass with a lid that can hold one liter of liquid.
  • Close the lid and store it at room temperature, eg. B. on a shelf.
  • Let it take 2 weeks, that's the hardest part!
  • Bring water and sugar to boil two weeks later until the sugar dissolves.
  • Let the simple syrup cool and pour it into the mixture of brewed lemon and vodka.
  • Straighten the strainer with the cheesecloth (if you do not have cheesecloth, you can only use strainers) and place it in a large bowl.
  • Remove the lemon peel and pour the mixture into the lined sieve to create a smooth liquid.
  • Dispose of the lemon peel and pour the lemon cello into the sterilized jars with lid.

Which alcohol is limoncello?

Made with vodka or grappa, a raisin brand traditionally made in Italy. Grappa is made by distilling pulp, grape skins, seeds and stems. We use vodka for this recipe.

How do you store limoncello?

Store in the fridge and cool just as nicely. However, it does not have to be stored in the refrigerator, but can be stored in a cool, dark place. Do a taste test and if it has a taste loss, maybe make a cocktail out of it!

Is Limoncello bad?

Since Limoncello contains some preservatives … sugar, vodka and lemon can be kept in the refrigerator for a few months to a year.

Limoncello a shot?

We prefer to sip chilled limoncello for digestion. Sipping a light meal is great as well. Some people still consider it a shot, but we do not recommend drinking it that way. You want to enjoy the delicious cocktail that you expect to feed! It's very good, just chilled or on ice.

Limoncello Cocktail species

Here are some ways to mix limoncello for a simple cocktail. Fill a glass with ice, add 1 – 2 ounces of homemade Limoncello and add one of the following ingredients.

  • lemonade
  • tonic
  • Prosecco
  • fairy
  • cranberry
  • Mineral water
  • cola

You can also pour limoncello on ice to obtain a delicious dessert!

Do not squeeze now! The finished product is worth the wait and you can enjoy every sip! How kind to give homemade limoncello service at any party or event!

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Limoncello recipe

A refreshing, lightly flavored Limoncello. It is brewed with vodka, lemon peel and fruit juice.

preparation time20 min

cooking time14 d

total time14 d 20 min

Course: cocktail

Local cuisine: Italian

Keyword: Cocktail, lemons, limoncello, vodka

servings: 1 liter

calories: 2694kcal

Author: sky

Costs: $ 20

  • vegetable peeler

  • juicer

  • cheesecloth

  • 6 large Lemons
  • 750 please use vodka
  • 1 Cup Organic white sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup water

Meyer lemons produce a sweeter limoncello. It is very important to use washed organic lemons for this recipe. If you forget, you can brew more than 2 weeks! Serve chilled for a smooth and refreshing cocktail.

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