6 Delicious biscuit bar recipes without interruption


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What comes to mind first when you think of desserts? How are Cookie Sticks? Cookie sticks are delicious, difficult, square or rectangular sweet sticks, which are basically cake made from cookie dough.

For these, the cookie dough is made in a tin pan and then cut into square or rectangular bars. Biscuits are a crowded favorite and the cookie dough is tastier and more heavenly.

If you're one of those tough fans of a cookie bar, this is delicious Cookie bar recipes I will definitely beat you!

1. chocolate biscuits

Chocolate-chewy cookies

Image: i kingarthurflour.co

Chocolate biscuits are the favorite of anyone who can be prepared with simple ingredients. The simple choco chips and the vanilla flavor make for a fabulous choco-chip biscuit, which is appreciated by children.

Ingredients: Unsalted butter, brown sugar, vanilla flavor, baking powder, espresso powder, pieces of chocolate, white flour

Method: Chocolate-chewy cookies

2. Choco chip biscuit bar

Choco chip biscuit bar

Image: i modernhoney.co

The impressive appearance of the Choco chip cookie sticks is so attractive that you will be smart. With simple ingredients, you can make these delicious cookies and make everyone happy. Fill it with vanilla ice cream and make sure everyone falls in love with it.

Ingredients: Butter, half-sweet choco chips, flour, brown sugar, baking powder

Method: Choco chip biscuit bar

3. Oatcakes bar

oatmeal cookies

Image: I allrecipes.co

Each of these oatcakes sticks is as delicious as it seems. These bars just tasted better than average oatmeal cookies, but not! Add a chocolate or maple icing to obtain an extra flavor profile. You can even combine it with lemon sorbet or vanilla ice cream for a complete dessert.

Ingredients: Seedless and chopped dates, sugar, water, lemon juice, shortening, multipurpose flour, brown sugar, oatmeal and salt

Method: oatmeal cookies

4. Coconut crack sticks

Coconut Crack Bars

Image: me chocolatecoveredkatie.co

These coconut crack sticks are so addictive that you can swing fast to eat your own boxer. You will never have enough sweet bars and these coconut crackers with chopped coconut and maple syrup are a dream! In addition, they do not require detailed preparation!

Ingredients: Unsweetened chopped coconuts, extra virgin coconut oil, salt, pure maple syrup, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, etc.

Method: Coconut Crack Bars

5. Chocolate cookies with double berry

chocolate Chip cookies

Image: i bettycrocker.co

A double-fruity chocolate biscuit will give your eater double pleasure. If you want to meet a small or just like your neighbor, you can try chocolate chip cookies! With a small cream on the sides, it can be everyone's favorite.

Ingredients: Cold butter, fresh blueberries, fresh raspberries, sugar cookies, cornstarch.

Method: Chocolate biscuits with double berry

6. Red Velvet Cookies and Cream Bar

Soft red cookies

Image: i delish.co

Who does not love red velvet cake! It is a darling of the crowd and this is nothing but the simple to prepare red velvet biscuits and bars. The addition of Oreos makes this recipe special and raises the plate completely from one to the other by dissolving the melted chocolate on the red velvet poles.

Ingredients: Red Velvet Cake Mix, Butter, Salt, Big Eggs, Oreos, Melted Chocolate, Hershey's Cookies n ''

Method: Red Velvet Cookies and Cream Bar


Recipes for the cookie bar can be found in abundance with a single seek on the internet, but these top 6 recipes are definitely the winners that will make you crave for more! It's simple to prepare and works seamlessly with materials bought in simple stores!

The post 6 Delicious biscuit bar recipes without interruption first appeared blog,



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