25 Cheap and simple organization of travel trailers


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Do not worry if buying a caravan has cost you part of your money. Below we give you some cheap alternatives RV transform ideas to you Organization of caravans, Believe me, you do not have to spend much to build a beautifully decorated caravan. All you need is inspiration, tricks and tricks.

Bed with drawers

Your bed is not just a place to sleep. You should cognize that they occupy most of the corner of your bedroom. Therefore, a storage compartment under the bed, z. Drawers, a useful idea to stow away the needs of your bedroom for more comfort. If you think this is difficult, you can buy a storage box that can accommodate you.

Clean drawers under the bed for an elegant RV shop
Creative wooden storage for storage of plates for the organization of mobile homes
A great wooden drawer for storing clothes for campers
Functionality of bed drawers for storing camping equipment for the organization of mobile homes
A functional white under the bed drawers for the storage of mobile home rooms
Multifunctional drawers under the bed for the dining table
In the camper decoration a normal dress in the small drawers under the bed
Perfect drawers under the bed to put the stove in the elegant motorhome
The great wooden drawer under the bed to store your motorhome bedroom
Storage of a small motorhome drawer under the bed of wood


Adhesive tapes, such. Command bars are your top friends if you're trying to save space or accommodate extra stuff. You can buy them in any dollar supermarket and buy your frames, clothes and kitchen utensils and so on. To hang it, you can stick it on a flat surface such as a wall, a cupboard or a shelf. So it was easily accessible and visible. In addition, it is very simple to disassemble and clean.

A cable box for your favorite strips and RV storage in the bathroom
A simple tape for hanging cooking ingredients in the RV kitchen
Adhesive tape for hanging lighter objects for the organization of motorhomes
An clever adhesive tape for hanging accessories on your RV
Perfect ways to use RV strips and hooks for renovation
Wall-mounted rattan boxes with adhesive strips for the renovation of motorhomes
An simple way to use self-adhesive hooks with iron hooks for organizing RV kitchens
Best camper model with tape to bring in your wardrobe
The great kitchen organization with adhesive tapes for hanging hooks in cabinets
RV kitchen organization with adhesive strips and clips cabinet for storing spices

table lamp

Instead of buying a desk or floor lamp for which cables and sockets need to be installed, I recommend buying a desk lamp with a socket on the socket. Mostly only batteries are used and the socket is easily accessible. It is also very simple to carry by hand and can save a lot of storage and money for electricity and use this outlet for something else.

Functional Task table lamp made of iron material for campers
Simple black table lamp lighting your camper workplace
Renovation of a classic trailer with white table lamp in the living room
Top Wohnmobilrenovierungen with small reading lamps on the table

You are my lot Caravan organizations That had helped me to give RV transform ideas the past. Everything at very reasonable prices and at any time in every shop on the way to buy.

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The post 25 Cheap and simple organization of travel trailers first appeared blog,



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