23 Devil Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2019


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Devil is a scary and classic Halloween costume. It's not surprising that the costumes inspired by the Dark Prince are so popular on Halloween because many of us have seen terrible movies and were horrified by the stories. So we have 23 great devil make-up ideas to help you prepare for Halloween. You will find scary makeup, lovely devil make-up and much more – there is something for everyone. Each one of them makes you look demonic for any Halloween event. If you want to scare people, this is the great place for you!

1. Classic Red Devil Makeup

First, we made this Red Devil makeup. The make-up artist painted her face and body in red, and the look was completed with black make-up and horns. We like this idea because it's like a classic red devil. Since the main make-up is red make-up, it is quite simple to replicate this make-up. Wear the makeup with a black dress, the Halloween costume will be completed.

Classic red devil

Source: the @__muadixo

2. Scary Illusion Devil Makeup

If you want to frighten people with your Halloween make-up, this idea is for you! We have the make-up of the devil's illusion here. For this look, the make-up artist uncovered the devil under his skin and made him look as if he had opened his mouth. She finished the makeup with very spooky contact lenses and black devil horns. Such a makeover will be great for the party.

3. Half angel, half devil

The next idea we have to show you is one of our favorite ideas because it's so creative! This make-up has a half design. One side of your face looks like a devil, the other side looks like an angel. This is a great idea because you obtain the top of both worlds – bad and good! To complete the costume, you can even buy half a red and a half white outfit.

Half angel, half devil halloween make-up

Source: @athenaldn

4. Terrible Girl Makeup

When they watch movies about the devil, they often show scary things. The next idea was inspired by it. She has a bloody cross on her forehead, blood from the eyes, dark lips and eye make-up and terrible contact lenses. This look also has a Addams mood on a Wednesday, so it's like a mix of Halloween costumes. You can copy it or try the makeup in another costume. You can also find a complete list of make-up products on the following page.

Girl Makeover with Scary

Source: @alexyamayoral

5. Half skeleton, half devil

Then we have a combination of two classic Halloween looks. This make-up artist created half demon and half skeleton make-up. His face is red with black contact and he has skeletal teeth on one side of his mouth. On one side of his body. Skeletal makeup, This is a unique idea. You can rebuild it or try half a design that has one side completely skeletonized and the other devilish.

6. Simple make-up with devil horns

Looking for simple and scary makeup? If so, this idea can be great for you. We have a pretty scary devil make-up here. The artist created smoky eyes with red lips and finished her appearance with her bloody horns. The complete list of products used can be found on the following page. However, the horns were made with Ellimorph Plastic and applied with liquid latex and lipstick. If you obtain the horns off a headband, this is the last-minute costume.

7. Half devil, half magic

The next revision idea has a different half and half design. This time, the make-up artist drew a line in the middle of her face and body. One side looks like a glamor, the other looks like a red devil. The idea of ​​a lovely and devilish make-up that you can dress for Halloween, but you can also look lovely. Red make-up is made with Snazaroo makeup and you can check all other products used on the following page.

Half Devil, Half Glam Halloween Makeup

Source: @jodiehul up

8. The idea of ​​Bloody and Scary Devil Makeup

This next revision idea is very scary! His eyes and lips are darkened and the look is complemented by horns, bloody hands and a star symbol on his chest. Such make-up will scare anyone into Halloween celebrations. The horns were made by the artist, but you can find online tutorials on creating similar horns. You can also buy horns.

Bloody and scary devil make-up idea

Source: @ciaciaxo

9. Creepy Devil Makeup with Cross

If you want to go out with your devilish make-up, let yourself be inspired. This devil make-up meets all criteria. His face is classically devilish red, he wears contact lenses, he has inverted crosses, a cool illusion is used and the look is complete with devil horns. It's a very creative and scary idea. You can replicate it or paint your entire face red and wear two horns. This make-up was made with Mehron make-up products and the lenses conclude Camo Eyes.

10. Scary Devil and Beautiful Angel Makeup Idea

Then we have another idea of ​​angel and devil. This time one page looks like a lovely angel with white hair, the other side looks like a very scary devil with claws and skeleton looks. It captures the idea of ​​a great make-up and the scarcity of what the devil will look like. This is one of our favorites, and something similar is really impressive at every Halloween event.

Scary devil and beautiful angel make-up idea

Source: @keilidhmu too

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The post 23 Devil Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2019 first appeared blog,



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