23 cute small tattoos that you want to copy

Are you thinking of a modern tattoo? Then here! Today we want to show you 23 cute small tattoos. A smaller body art is great for tattooing for the first time, as you will not sit in the chair for a very long time so you do not suffer too much. Not only that, smaller tattoos can be easily covered or displayed, and they also look super sweet. We have designs for everyone, from nails to lovely birds, and we have extraordinary ideas. Are you looking for your first tattoo or a small design to fill in the blanks? We have a tattoo for you! Look in here!

1. Cute small seahorse tattoo

The first tattoo we have to show is a super cute seahorse. For this design, a small seahorse was hit at his ankle. It is a kind and pleasant idea and great for lovers of cute marine life. Just keep it that way or you can add a splash of color. You can also wear a tattooed seahorse anywhere on the body.

Cute little seahorse tattoo

Source: not @cagridur

2. Colorful infinity symbol

A very popular tattoo design is the infinity symbol. The symbol can represent eternal love and more. Here we have a stylish, small version of the design. A colorful infinity symbol was hit on the finger. This is a great idea and the tattoo will suit everyone. If the finger design is too thick, you can make the tattoo elsewhere.

3. Small Star Constellation Design

If you would like to see the stars or see how your horoscope affects your life, this idea is for you. Here we have a small star constellation with tattoos behind the ear, We love this cute small design. It could be any beaten horoscope. A stylish and personal body art for every taste.

4. Stunning Little Bird Tattoo

Then we have a stunning bird motif. He has a small bird tattoo with black ink on his arm. Although the tattoo is very small, it still has very kind details. Such a tattoo is timeless and will look spectacular for everyone. Rebuild this bird or select another bird species. You can also add a colorful pop.

Stunning little bird tattoo

Source: @jooyfav too

5. Little Sapphire tattoo idea

Your next tattoo idea is fascinating and stylish. Here we have a lovely sapphire tattoo design. The color and details in this tattoo are just stunning. You can rebuild this gem or select another, and your birthstone will look super cool. No matter which stone you select, you will receive a stylish and unique tattoo.

Little sapphire tattoo idea

Source: @graffittoo

6. Beautiful and colorful flower

Flower tattoos are very popular and we can see why with such designs! This tattoo contains a small and sweet purple flower. Flower tattoo on the shoulder. A lovely tattoo like this suits everyone. Recreate the purple flower or you can have a flower of your choice. It looks super cute on your shoulder, but the tattoo on the flowers in other parts of the body can be made.

Beautiful and colorful flower

Source: @ o4enalla

7. Small heart contour

If we did not have a heart tattoo design, our list of cute small tattoos would not be complete. If you want a small, cute and fine tattoo, you need to check your next idea. Here is a hand-punched heart design. Because the heart is on the side, it is more courageous and makes a statement. This design can be forged anywhere. If you want a lower toned tattoo, select your wrist or ankle. A small and simple design like this would be great as a first tattoo.

8. Evil Eye Tattoo

Another popular tattoo design is amulet. Nazar should protect you from evil and negative influences. The design looks super cool too. This tattoo is a small version of the eye. It is located on the wrist and looks very stylish and unique. Rebuild this design or select another Evil Eye Tattoo. In any case, it will look great.

Little Evil Eye Tattoo

Source: my @terrye

9. Nice finger tattoo idea

Then we have the idea to tattoo another finger. It has a lovely and elegant black ink pattern. A decorative tattoo like this looks good for everyone. This is one of our favorite designs because it is lovely and explains. You can recreate it or try another pattern.

10. Print with small paws

If you love animals or have an animal, this idea is great for you. Here we have a small scratch trail on foot. Simple, cute and small tattoo. Such a design could be a momentary tattoo if you lost your pet. This is another piece of body art that is simple to wear, so it can be placed anywhere in the body.

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