11 lovely flower nails great designs for the summer!


What do you first think of when someone mentions summer? They are lovely flowers that satisfy the entire environment with their colors and fabulous scents. And a small bit to integrate your writing into your look can be done well with these nail designs that are all about clarity and vibration!

Beautiful floral nail designs perfect for the summer

1. Matt olive nails with floral print

Matt olive nails with floral print

How surprisingly, summer plumage of floral patterns covered with a pleasant olive-like hue of the great, pleasant matte color of the summer! When you prepare a base layer and add the mat to each hint later, it's time to go to the accents. The highlights here are drawn with a fine brush and rest on pink flowers and green leaves!

Idea details: popularladies

2. Rainforest flowers

Rainforest flowers

Although every hint of this Mani looks the same, it still looks vibrant and lovely when you sport these cute small flowers in bright colors, including white, orange, blue and more! The floor applies to a layer of bare nail polish with lovely green branches towards the flowers. The design combines surprisingly well with neutral and flowers, but is often limited to the tips of the nails.

Idea details: my instagram

3. Pastel pink and flowers

Pastel pink and flowers

We can't obtain enough of this lovely floral print and solid combination brought together in a single Mani without getting into the design! Two tips decorated with a pastel pink coat and covered with a shiny top layer, while the other three form the canvas for lovely flowers. Pink roses have a lovely white background, to keep the mania in balance!

Idea details: Tilependant

4. Sky blue white flowers

White flowers on sky blue

The headpiece itself suggests that the manicure will be a feast for the eyes, because the white daisy nails on a lovely sky-blue background look absolutely relaxing. When you paint all of your fingertips with an air-based layer, select an puncture tool and begin processing the flowers. Make each of the same leaves using the punctuation mark and place the flowers at the correct distance from each other. Finally, add a small glamor to every flower and glorious gold centers at work!

Idea details: sonailicious

5. Lavender flowers flower nail art

Lavender flowers flowers nail art

If you have a super-fine nail art brush with super-pale purple and lavender nail polish, you are alert to commence this lovely, elegant-looking print for your nails. Coat the nails in light purple, hold the brush further and add a few small leaves and paint the stems with a green bottle. Finally, cast lovely flowers and here it is!

Idea details: chalkboard nails



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